Jill Stein Drops Pennsylvania State Wide Recount Suit, But it is Not Over!


Jill Stein stopped her statewide recount push in the Keystone State. However, she is continuing recount bids in individual districts. Her main claim for  pulling her  statewide bid is a lack of funds. She took to twitter to expressing her remorse and a bunch of contradiction and blame.

Stein then complained about the hoops that a person has to jump through and raise money to trust our elections. As far as I can see, she did not have to jump through hoops to raise money. I do remember that she managed to raise money quickly from a website. That does not sound like jumping through hoops that sounds like sitting in front of a computer for a few minutes to set up the fundraiser.  She just was not expecting people to fight back. jill-stein-recount

Jill Stein raised almost seven million dollars from individuals for filing and legal fees in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. She gave Michigan less than a million in filing fees. Stein also sent 3.5 million to Wisconsin for filing fees. This is just under four million dollars. Where is the other three million dollars?

She went on to state that the recounts are so expensive because elected officials refuse to invest in a 21st century voting machine.  contradiction2

This tweet is very strange because she is the one that advocated paper ballots and hand counting. Paper ballots were part of one of her campaign platforms.  Just before the announcement was made that she was dropping her statewide recount suit, she tweeted about paper ballots being the only fair way to ensure elections are not hacked. contradictionjs

Stop contradicting yourself!  Which is it? Do you want paper ballots or 21st century technology? The last time I checked, paper is not a new invention of the 21st century. People have used their hands to count since the dawn of time.  Really, Jill Stein, it is time to stop publicly licking your wounds and go home.


  1. more proof that liberalism is a mental illness with she thinking that there was voter fraud against her/shillary when it was Soros' puppets who controlled the voting machines in 16 states.