A few hours after dropping her recount efforts in Pennsylvania, Jill Stein and her legal team announced that they would be filing a motion in the federal court to force a recount in Pennsylvania. Her legal team issued this statement:  Make no mistake – the Stein campaign will continue to fight for a statewide recount in Pennsylvania. We are committed to this fight to protect the civil and voting rights of all Americans. Over the past several days, it has become clear that the barriers to verifying the vote in Pennsylvania are so pervasive and that the state court system is so ill-equipped to address this problem that we must seek federal court intervention.  As a result, on Monday the Stein campaign will escalate our campaign in Pennsylvania and file for emergency relief in federal court, demanding a statewide recount on constitutional grounds.

In one tweet, she stated that she is looking out for the citizens of Pennsylvania’s fundamental democratic rights.  If this were her true cause, she would drop this case right now.


If she were successful in the emergency hearing Pennsylvania would have only a few days to finish their recount. This can prove to be extremely difficult and time-consuming. Clerks would have to work day and night to finish the recounts. This process could end up costing taxpayers valuable money, possibly for nothing.  They risk forfeiting their votes.  Is this her plan? Maybe, but when we peel the layers back, we find there is more to it.

There are other reasons she would fight this, other than attempting to block President-Elect Trump.   The announcement that she would drop the statewide recount effort met with severe backlash. Some angry people took to twitter, some demanding that she payback the money raised. Many called her a fraud. Others pointed out that she was still collecting money on her website, where she has collected almost seven million dollars.


They make a good point. Where will the rest of the funds go? Her intentions are not pure.  Filing the federal suit keeps her name in the media. In addition, it may appease some of her most vocal and angry followers.