Reflecting on the Tea Party’s legacy in Minnesota


Earlier this week, we looked at the Occupy movement, a left-leaning effort that influenced politics and social movements across the country.

Today, we consider the legacy of the Tea Party, a movement on the other side of the political spectrum, which began around 2009 and first influenced elections in 2010.

In Minnesota, the Former U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann was perhaps the state’s most prominent elected official to embrace its ideals. Today, the Minnesota Tea Party Alliance describes itself as an organization focused on solutions at the local and state level, whose core principals “are the belief that the marketplace should be free, our elected officials should be fiscally responsible and our government should operate within the confines of the Constitution.”

Tea Party members Jack Rogers, president of the Minnesota Tea Party Alliance, and Jake Duesenberg, executive director of the group, joined MPR News host Tom Weber to talk about the impact the Tea Party has had in Minnesota, and its place going forward.

To listen to the Podcast: