Malkin Slams Clinton: Calling for ‘Fake News’ Laws is ‘Chutzpah on Stilts’


Conservative author Michelle Malkin criticized former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for highlighting the need for bipartisan legislation to counteract “fake news”.

This week, Clinton derided the “epidemic of malicious fake news and false propaganda” over the election season, saying there are “clear real world consequences” and such fallacies put “lives at risk”.

“I would file that speech under ‘chutzpah on stilts’,” Malkin said, calling Clinton “the world’s foremost fake news provider.”

“Miss Fake-Blame-A-YouTube-Video-For-Benghazi [has] the sanctimony to lecture anybody else about false information… and bloody consequences [occupies] a bubble of un-reality,” she said.

Malkin said some in the Democratic Party feel threatened by alternative media sources and that Donald Trump’s election is a referendum on “establishment” media.

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