In A Huff Over Huffington Post


Huffington Post has consistently shown support for unions across America.

In one article in June of this year, they published an article promoting the idea that unions will develop a stronger middle class.  In the same month, they cheered as the Verizon workers went out on strike.  Earlier in December, Huffington Post blasted President-elect Trump for how he spoke about a union boss. Huffington Post loves unions.  Well, it appears they love unions, unless it is their own unions of their own employees.  On December 16, 2016, The Washington Post reported that the Huffington Post union is very unhappy with how Huffington Post is treating their employees.


Huffington Post staff members let the world know their dissatisfaction over Twitter.  Some allege that Huffington Post is refusing to negotiate the salaries of all the members.

According to a post on Twitter, made by the HuffPost Union:

In the last bargaining session, HuffPost management offered no across-the-board raise at all, and indicated it does not intend to bargain over standard pay with the union. This is not how collective bargaining works, and it is not something the HuffPost Union is willing to accept.

The members originally had reasons to be hopeful.

After all, earlier this year, Huffington Post voluntarily recognized the union.  However, Huffington Post apparently does not believe that all staffers belong in the union.  Therefore, they do not believe they should give these across the board raises. This is very hypocritical. A news outlet that bashes those who show little support for unions, in turn, does not unilaterally support their own union.  Why does the management at Huffington Post feel that some staffers should not even be a part of the union?  I find the situation of the ultra-progressive biased news outlet being called out for their unfair labor practices as very ironic. Perhaps, they will think twice the next time they publish pro-union biased articles. After all, there are two sides to every story.