Conspiracy Theories and Fake News


Fake news is the new buzz phrase of liberals since the 2016 election. While present since the conception of the internet, the left has suddenly determined fake news must be eliminated . . . immediately.

Wikipedia defines fake news, in part, as “false news stories created with the intention to mislead people.” Often these stories are obvious satire, but some have been written rather convincingly. Who knew the cure to cancer was in an exotic flower in Ghana? Personally, I would have been really irritated if I ordered a pizza and got a prostitute instead. Fake news can be convincing folks.

Now Liberals want to define who or what produces fake news.

While weight loss remedies and petitions to return Alaska to Russia are serious business, self-appointed fake news police, are attempting to label conservative authors as fake news. Before fake news, anyone in defiance of the liberal agenda was labeled a racist. Fake news has become the new “racist” label of liberals.

Ironically, these recent attacks on fake news are the equivalent of Ferguson and “hands up don’t shoot” of journalism. The eyewitness accounts of the shooting in Ferguson were fully debunked, yet singers and politicians continued to use fake news to benefit the left. Beyonce used photos of the suspect’s mother crying, and the DNC invited his mother to speak years after the story was discredited.

Police were villainized and officers died because of the Ferguson fake news story. When people were murdered in the name of fake news, liberals remained silent. Not until liberals got their feelings hurt did fake news become an issue. Young black men are only important if liberals can use them to pursue their own agenda. And liberals want the people to believe that conservatives are racist?

The Tea Party promotes a limited and accountable government, truth telling, and following the law of the land. To a liberal, this agenda limits special interest groups and threatens their safe spaces. Labeling Tea Party members as racists failed, so now liberals attack conservatives as fake news to delegitimize conservative authors. This labeling is done in a way that only benefits the left.

As the left pushes for censorship and a dictator state in journalism, conservatives will respond with legitimate, constitutional based writers who will promote the will of the people. The Tea Party does not need liberals, fake news, or Obama to thrive. Liberal censorship will only add fuel to the grassroots fire that is already burning.