Terror Attack Kills at New Years Eve Celebration



While Americans celebrated the incoming New Year with friends and family, a terrorist attack in Istanbul, Turkey killed over 35 and injured at least 70 people.

Reina, a popular night club in the area was attacked by at least one gunman with a firearm. The Turkish government labeled the incident a terror attack and a manhunt is ongoing.

A witness reported, “We heard the guy screaming Allahu Akbar (God is Greatest), all three of us heard that … We heard his footsteps crushing the broken glass,” she told Reuters. “We got out through the kitchen, there was blood everywhere and bodies.

The attack occurred after various terrorist organizations encouraged similar attacks this holiday season.

Terrorist attacks have become too common. The bigger question is how does a terrorist justify a cowardly attack on large numbers of unarmed citizens? In the Koran, the infidel has the option to convert or die. When a terrorist massacres non-believers before they can convert, does this not deny their God new converts? How does this not anger the God of the jihadists?

In a Christian Worldview, the choice to convert is made of an independent choice. Shooting down unarmed people is not only a sin but an act of cowardice. In a war, a soldier fights other trained soldiers. If jihad is a war, as these weak-kneed chickens argue, why do they not fight other trained soldiers? Is the jihadist afraid or just trying to make radical followers of Allah appear weak and pathetic? The God of the these “jihadists” only enlists killers of unarmed women and children.

Killing a large group of unarmed people is neither holy nor brave. No God would honor these acts, and it is time the world sends that message.