If you think YOU had a bad 2016 . . .


Many Americans describe 2016 as downright traumatic, and like many Americans, some perspective is needed.

In the midst of all the media generated fake drama, real life, and death news was ignored. While social media bemoaned the loss of political candidates, singers and actors, 90,000 Christians around the world were killed for their faith.

Ninety THOUSAND people died for claiming to love Jesus Christ in 2016.

The 2016 data were obtained by The Center for the Study of Global Christianity. These statistics translate into one death every six minutes on average.

There are variations in the data collected. Some sources put the number of Christian deaths as higher, some lower, largely due to the types of data collected. Of note, the data fails to address the additional number of Christians who are in prison, solely because of their profession of faith in Jesus Christ.

In case 90,000 deaths fail to get the attention of the social justice warriors out there, here is an individual case that reflects thousands more humans tragedies across the world.

Asia Bibi, a young Christian mother, sits on a Pakistani death row for the last seven years after she was accused of “negative speech” about the Prophet. Bibi denies speaking against the Prophet, her remaining family is in hiding, and the world is predictably silent.

Initially, public outcry resulted in a stay of execution for Bibi. Like every fad of shallow Americans, that attention soon faded. Remaining supporters are hopeful the PEOTUS will aggressively work to save Bibi from an unjust death.

According to Italian sociologist Massimo Introvigne.”Christians continue to be the most persecuted believers in the world…”

To all American Christians with your soft pews and taken for granted free speech, put down social media and do something! Stop worrying more about hurting others feelings while your brothers and sisters in other countries die. To non-Christians, know that any religious persecution can land at your house next, and fight for the freedom for all. It is time to do something meaningful. The time for safety pins and lip service has long passed. It is time for action.

2016 was a year of passive whining for too many Americans. 2017 is a time to ACT. Do something meaningful, change the world, and you can start by saving one life at a time.