Meryl Streep: Why Women Shouldn’t Vote

Meryl Streep at the 74th Golden Globes in Beverly Hills, Calif., on Sunday. Credit Paul Drinkwater/NBC

Last night’s Golden Globe Awards were an absolute embarrassment. They were an embarrassment not just for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, but for liberals everywhere.

The heroes and heroines of tolerance and acceptance displayed widespread intolerance and ignorance through the stage medium they were given last night. However, there were none so ignorant as Meryl Streep. She was awarded the Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement last night. She took the stage gracefully, as only Meryl Streep could do and then spoke to the world in the poor, unrefined way that only a Hollywood feminist would.

Before she used her airtime to exploit a journalist’s disability, she pushed multiculturalism as a means to subvert the danger that globalization poses to the sovereignty of this nation. She went around the room and revealed which actors were born abroad as well as where they were born. Leave it to Hollywood to try and humanize the evil that is globalization and make anyone who opposes it into an intolerant monster.    Many nefarious aims have been imposed under the banners of multiculturalism and associated slogans such as “equality” and “human rights.” Like the word “democracy,” used to justify the bombing of sundry states in recent history, these slogans often serve as rhetoric to beguile the well-intentioned while hiding the aims of those motivated by little if anything other than power and greed. Power and greed are what fuel Streep’s desperate appeal to the emotions of the American people who feel as though they have very much in common with her, yet unfortunately have nothing in common with her.

This is the danger in voting with our emotions instead of our intellect. Streep is the epitome of that danger. She shows how the rejection of the facts can damage her stance and then eventually, the country as a whole. It is largely the reason that the Clinton campaign underestimated the American people so. They assumed that the people of this country were much more emotional, meaning they could have been more easily swayed by their rhetoric — they weren’t.

Women are more emotional than men. Plain and simple. To deny this would be to deny biology, to deny facts. Again, many people will criticize this because it hurts their feelings or offends them, but it makes it no less true. Male and female brains are, in fact, wired differently. This is why it is imperative that women consciously make the effort not to be swayed on appeals to their emotions and to stay vigilant and true to the facts.

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Kayla Adanalian is a young conservative who believes strongly in defending liberty, the importance of the traditional family, and the value of maintaining the appreciation of a strong male role in society. From a young female’s perspective, she is dedicated to defeating and exposing the lies put forth by modern feminists and the threat they pose to the break down of traditional ideals. Kayla is a recent college graduate from DeSales University with a degree in Finance. She is a writer, radio show host and political commentator. Kayla is a former college athlete who was born in Fresno, California, but was raised at West Point, NY by her aunt and uncle who instilled in her the Catholic and conservative values she says she strives to live by daily. Kayla has been published by Western Journalism and is a regular contributor for as well as where she is a writer and editor. She is also a strong pro-life advocate and has been featured in Live Action News’ Advocate Spotlight for her work in giving a voice to those who don’t have one.