Stein Profits Millions from Recount


Failed Presidential Green Party Candidate Jill Stein raised over 7.3 million dollars for recounts in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

The recounts were a dismal failure with some netting more votes for Donald Trump. Other recounts certified the pinpoint accuracy of the election process with minimal errors.The term “failure” depends on perception. Now that the recounts are over, Ms. Stein is eligible for multiple refunds from the states she attacked.

“Free Beacon” reported that those refunds will be significantly over $2 million dollars, an amount not available on her website. More money will continue to trickle in from the failed recount effort over the next few months.

She spent around $1 million dollars on staffing, consultant fees, and other administrative fees. The breakdown of these expenses has also been removed from her website.

On her website, she plans to use the overages on a “voter integrity” initiative. There is no mention of refunds to those who donated for a recount.

The Tea Party Tribune light-heartedly called out Stein for the snake oil saleswoman she is late November 2016. At that time, in an article titled after Stein’s slogan, “Election Integrity Depends on YOU” we questioned Steins true motives, one most likely being financial gain.

Ironically, integrity was the impetus for the recount, yet there is a lack of integrity in reporting where the money went and what remains. The plan to use the remaining money for continued voter integrity when recounts showed very few errors to support the need for such an initiative is suspect at best.

There is no clear plan for the money other than more unsupported “integrity” initiatives. Thus Stein continues the business mantra of 2016-17, fleecing those on the Left for profit. I guess she is a lot smarter than she looks after all.