Celebrities and Politics; Why we need to listen


Lately, there have been a lot of Hollywood celebrities running for political office . . . or at least acting like it. It appears the general population of the US demands that celebrities tell us all how to think.

Given the wisdom this group holds, we should listen, and here’s why.

Rosie O’Donnell thinks she commands the military and has called for martial law on Twitter. Apparently Twitter is the equivalent to an Executive Order. Her deranged mind thinks Donald Trump has been charged with something and needs to be “cleared.” At the risk of stating the obvious yet again . . . Trump did not have the illegal server where he mishandled classified documents. Trump never left American citizens to die. Maybe she has her candidates confused. Being born with a vagina does not exonerate one from issues of national security. Nor does having a Twitter account give one the ability to declare martial law.

Recently Vice President Joe Biden made a guest appearance on liberal dominated day time television show The View. I’ve seen less worship at a Sunday night Pentecostal church service. Joe speaks, The View nods heads. Joe speaks, The View jumps up and down while waving hankies. Joe speaks and Behar DFO’s (for you non-pentecostals, she just ‘done fell out). Because these washed up actresses and comediennes worship the Obama administration, they think the rest of us do too. Newsflash, I will take a good old Pentecostal service over The View any day. The View already makes me feel like I am in hell. At least at church I get to learn how to go to Heaven.

And old Meryl Streep, emphasis on old. When I want an old hippie’s political opinion, I’ll hang out with my cool Great-Aunt Tessie. At least I’ll get fed in the process. That and Aunt Tessie does not have to spew fake news to make her point.

Hollywood elite actors and actresses have no connection with reality. They are paid to pretend to be someone else for our entertainment. People who spend $800.00 on a bra and panty set or $4500.00 on a purse do not get to tell someone making 35K a year how to think. The sooner the elitist realize that they only have influence and opinion because of the rest of us, the better for everyone involved.

Until then, those of us who buy our purses and undies on sale need to speak up, by turning celebrities off. Money is the only language that is truly universal. Money talks. Take someone’s money and you have his or her attention.

It is time to let celebrities know, if we did not ask for your political opinion, do not offer it. Otherwise, we will keep more of our money for ourselves. I can already see Meryl Streep shopping at Wal-Mart.