UC Davis Promotes Censorship


This past weekend conservative internet sensation Milo Yiannopoulos was scheduled to give a talk at University California, Davis. The presentation was subsequently canceled after it’s own student body protested.

“University officials said in a statement that the Republican student group canceled it after consulting with campus police and student affairs officials, adding that “it was no longer feasible to continue with the event safely.”Yiannopoulos, along with members of the student organization, fired back on Saturday by marching on campus as a way to show their dismay over the event’s cancellation. Standing on a bench in front of a large crowd of supporters, a megaphone in one hand and a bouquet of flowers in another, Yiannopoulos criticized what he described as violent and intolerant actions of the protesters — people he referred to as the left.He said police and campus officials “heavily pressured” the student organizers to cancel his event, telling them they’d be held responsible for any property damage or injuries.”

The UC Davis website promotes it’s campus students as “go-getters, change makers, and problem solvers who make their mark at one of the top public universities in the United States”

One must really ask, does being a “go-getter” or a “change maker” mean students become experts at squashing dissenting opinions? Is the best obtained from UC Davis censorship? Maybe UC Davis wishes to turn out a bunch of future little Castros.

Universities were once a place of higher education. A place where the status quo was challenged and young minds were expanded to the larger world around them. They have now become politically correct mouthpieces for the far Left. No other opinion will be tolerated.

If this type of behavior is the best UC Davis has to offer, I suggest parents forgo traditional mainstream “higher” education in favor of one where a dissenting opinion is not stifled by a mass of belligerent, intolerant lemmings.

Different opinion challenges the listener and teaches them to form or defend his or her own opinions. UC Davis students, it seems, do not have this capability. These delicate snowflakes can not stand the heat. There are no safe places in the real world and places like UC Davis are not preparing young adults for real life. This is truly a sad day in America.


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