Creator of Voter Fraud Reporting App Claims 3 Million Illegal Votes Were Cast


A man who claims to have uncovered evidence of rampant illegal voting defended his claims this morning in an interview on CNN.

Gregg Phillips is the founder of a voter fraud reporting app called VoteStand and he claimed after November’s election that his group verified more than 3 million votes being cast by “non-citizens.”

President Donald Trump has repeatedly claimed, including this week, that millions of illegal votes were counted. In a tweet this morning, Trump said he is anticipating the results from “Phillips and crew” on the alleged voting by illegal immigrants.

Phillips was interviewed by Chris Cuomo, who repeatedly asked about the evidence behind the claims. Cuomo also pressed Phillips for specific names.

“You say you can prove it. I say … show me. You say ‘I will,’ but you’re not,” said Cuomo.

Phillips said it would probably take a few more months to release the information, adding that the number is bigger than 3 million.

“More than three million non-citizens voted in this country in this election. We’re prepared to prove it,” he said.

Phillips said the attorney general and Department of Homeland Security could prove the figures if directed by Trump to do so.

Cuomo, however, pushed back that Phillips has already claimed that the figures are true without actually confirming the information.

“You can reach a conclusion and then still verify,” said Phillips.

Watch the clip above and let us know what you think of the claims.