Genocide in America . . . For Cash


To the dismay of pink hat wearing “feminists,” President Trump is dismantling the abortion industry. Taxpayer funded international abortions are banned and these women are fearful there will be more limits in the future.

These same liberals ignore marked disparities in a race in regards to abortion.

While minority women constitute 13% of the female population in America, they underwent approximately 36% of abortions performed.

African American women are over 5 times more likely to have an abortion and almost 2000 black babies are aborted daily in the US.

Pastor Stephen Broden

Pastor Stephen Broden holds religious leaders in the black community partly responsible for the genocide of black babies.

“What we are witnessing is a gross insensitivity to the almost 1,500 abortions of black babies a day that occur in America.

When these spiritual leaders should be resisting the culture of death that has so adversely impacted demographics of black America, they have join forces with the one organization that has targeted the community under the directive of its founder, Margret Sanger.

Ms. Sanger said of our community: “Negroes are like weeds, we need to get rid of them.”

These so-called “spiritual leaders” bring a whole new meaning to the term “turncoats.” Our community is suffering from many challenges and pathologies, which are devastating our children, families, and general well-being. Abortion kills more black people than heart disease, cancer, diabetes, gang violence, and car accidents combined. How can it be that our so-called spiritual leaders affirm this evil practice in the light of these horrifying statistics?”

Planned Parenthood (PP), the single largest abortion provider in America also offers birth control, STD treatment services. However, PP’s biggest revenue producer is abortion.

Abby Johnson, an anti-abortion activist, and former PP Director described how PP deceives the public in a recent interview with Tucker Carlson.

A director runs not only the day to day operations of a facility but also the budget. Johnson described quitting PP after being told to double her budgeted monthly abortions.

For the feminists out there, PP makes the bulk of their money from the cash-only abortion services they provide. To meet income goals, which includes a hefty profit, PP clinics have an abortion quota they must meet monthly. In order for a product to be a high revenue generator, it must cost far less to produce, than the purchaser is charged. Abortions, not birth control, produce the most profit for PP.

In this case, PP wanted to double their revenue at the expense of women and their children.

Pressuring women into an abortion to meet financial goals is not promoting women’s rights. This is not feminism, this is profiting off a woman crisis. It is criminal.

Not only is PP founded by a racist attempting to exterminate the black race, but abortions provide the profit for PP. PP has no mammogram facilities, nor do they provide prenatal care other than the rare over-the-counter available prenatal vitamins. For those pesky women who insist on having their babies, PP must refer them out for real prenatal care.

Abortion is an under-regulated, cash business. If abortions could only be performed by volunteer-only physicians, abortions would instantly and dramatically decrease. Take away financial incentives and few physicians would be available to “protect” women and their “rights.”

Liberals literally went into convulsions over decades-old statements made by then non-politician Trump. A disproportionate number of black babies die every day and these same liberals leave their pink hats on the shelf and are uncharacteristically quiet.

I suspect these liberals are far more racists than they care to admit. There is no other reason to ignore a holocaust of 2000 babies daily. Conservatives, it seems, will be waiting for the pink hat brigade to protest this deadly form of racism for a very, very, long time.


  1. I hope they de-fund the whole PP apparatus. I mean, even if one was pro-choice in my county they have other options that don't go selling eugenics like it's Gospel!