The Great Avocado Crisis of 2017


In the era of “Trump can not do anything right”, left-wing critics are now focused on the building of the infamous “Wall” and who will pay for it.

One option floated by the White House included a twenty percent tariff on Mexican imports to off set the costs of The Wall…and another liberal head exploded.

Social Justice Warriors (SJW) immediately proclaimed all of the potential tragedies from this policy. Really important things . . . like the cost of avocados would soar. People that pay $5.00 for a cup of coffee are worried about the price of avocados. As they say on social media, SMH.

To all the SJW out there, here are some suggestions to promote your cause:

Start by telling your grievances to the families of victims killed by illegals in America.

Tell the parents of 21 year old Grant Ronnebeck, killed by an illegal over 2 packs of cigarettes the importance of your avocados.

SJW rise up and proclaim your concerns over the price of tomatoes to the children of 25-year-old Dennielle Schermock, killed by a substance-abusing illegal. 

Maybe SJW could protest for the “rights” of non-citizens to the parents of 18-year-old Joshua Wilkerson, a young man walking home from high school later found tortured to death by a “dreamer” who came to America when he was 10 years old. Surely, these people would understand.

The Washington Times reported in 2015 that:
“More than 100 immigrants whom the Obama administration released back into the community went on to be charged with subsequent killings…” 

SJW would say these numbers are few. I ask, how many are too many? How many preventable deaths have to occur before it is enough?

One preventable death is too many.

In 2014 the Pew Research Center reported that there were over 11 million unauthorized immigrants in the US.

That is over 11 million people authorities know nothing about. While many are likely good people, there are also rapists, child molesters, gang members, and other offenders in that list. Period.

Protecting our border is not about preventing young families from making a new life here, or other sympathetic cases the left would suggest. Just like criminals from America flee to Mexico, the same is true for criminals fleeing their country of origin. More importantly, unprotected borders allow terrorists to enter America undetected.

This is not about racism or the cost of avocados. This is an issue of border security. Countries all over the world protect their borders, but for some illogical reason, the left feels Americans should not have the same basic protections.

It is past time for our government to take a stand and enforce the laws of our land. This is not an undue burden. This is a basic protection of existing citizens and it is a true right. I, for one, will gladly pay extra for avocados if that simple gesture protects my friends and family from a preventable tragedy.


  1. This article is trash.

    Undocumented immigrants are significantly LESS LIKELY to commit crimes that native born citizens.

    • look up the percentage of those jailed in California, you will be surprised how many illegal aliens commit crimes I think.