Unabashed Hatred, Something I Know


Recent news headlines revealed an elderly Trump supporter was attacked by chair wielding Clinton supporting liberal.

Another Trump supporter was recently attacked at an airport “peaceful protest” by more liberal leftists.

Literal media silence.

I know hate. I do not care how you want to phrase it, this is hate. Unfortunately, cases like these are happening all over the country.

I have told my conservative friends and family:

Don’t wear a Trump hat
Don’t post a Trump sign in your yard
No Trump bumper stickers on the cars.

I do not want anyone of us to be a target by the “tolerant” left.

See, I know irrational hatred from my fellow humans.

For 20 years I was married to a black man, I know hate when I see it. Liberals do it, conservatives do it. Other white people that think I am “one of you” and other black people attacked me, my children, my husband as a “turncoat, wanna be” the list goes on.

I know the secret codes, the looks, how you really think before you find out who I really am . . . If I let you.

I live in a different world from the rest of you. Unlike politics or sexual orientation, I can not hide my spouse or children to avoid persecution if needed. We live in a smaller world than most, where my children and I have precious few people we trust.

Thank Goodness for family and real Christians.

Recent political attacks have brought back so many memories, and they are not pleasant. I spent years not showing pictures of my children or spouse to others at a job or social event due to racism. I have been fearful of losing my job over it. I have lost a job over it.

Is all this in my imagination? I think not.

In the past few years, multiple commercials depicting LGBT couples by major companies have been presented and were hailed by many. Yet a few years earlier these same people lost their “stuff” over a single commercial of an interracial married, couple eating cereal. That advertisement was actually pulled from television.

Anyone notice there are few successful, NORMAL inter-racial couples on TV? I do.

Now, I see that same level of hate directed not just at inter-racial couples, but at people who openly support President Trump.

Is this America?

For these same reasons, I am fiercely protective of my sibling in a same-sex marriage. I know the hypocrisy of these people. How they say one thing and really mean another.

Hate comes in all colors, all religions, and most definitely from people who sanctimoniously wear safety pins while smashing others over the head with chairs.

Liberals bemoan the loss of the American dream due to a temporary ban on specific high-risk immigrants to tighten security. I wonder where the American dream went when we started literally attacking others for political beliefs. Just exactly who are the “Nazi’s” here?

My dad once told me people will always find a reason to hate. He was right.

Liberals are eerily silent when others are physically attacked for political belief. I know these people, these are the same people who attacked my family for being inter-racial. They over-compensate in public, while secretly hiding their hate filled heart behind a smile and political correctness. There should be no tolerance for hatred, of any kind, let alone for a political belief.

To those who condone politically motivated hatred, I know hate, I know you, and it is only a matter of time before everyone else sees the real “you” too.