The BEST Answer to Scumer’s Tears Ever


While defending the “rights” of immigrants attempting to enter the US after the POTUS’ recent Executive Order (EO), Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) was brought to tears. The EO temporarily limits immigrants from several high-risk countries, something the same Senator had no trouble endorsing in 2015.

Many justifiably wonder if those tears are real.

Jamiel Shaw, a father of 17-year-old Jamiel Jr, found his young son lying in his own blood, killed by a repeat criminal in the US illegally. The illegal who shot Mr. Shaw’s son was only released 24 hours when the attack took place. He was a repeat offender, a known gang member released after another gun charge, back into the community.

To have one’s child die is hell on Earth. To know it was preventable is a level of pain no human should have to bear.

Mr. Shaw, now an activist for enforcing immigration laws, states in regards to the recent EO:

“…Our kid’s, our family members, are being murdered and they are protecting and they are siding with the bad people…Lets deal with the bad ones, the criminals, the worst ones, we can all come together on that…”

In response to Senator Schumer’s tears, Mr. Shaw has the best response ever:

“…that was so fake, you know, I’ve been to funerals, candlelight vigils, you wanna see real crying and hurt people, why don’t you show up there? You know, I know a lot of parents who cry every day, including myself, that’s all we do is think about our loved ones. And to see him crying for terrorists and people who we don’t even know who they are when he has Americans here that he gives us no support. I could care less about Chuck Schumer”

Another child dead, another preventable death and Democratic Senators shed tears, protest, and sing for more to occur. Remember Mr. Shaw, his son, and the hundreds of families like theirs the next time you see a Senator cry.