If There Ain’t No Rip Your Case Is Flipped



Please watch this video. https://youtu.be/8zt4anqnJoc. It is the “official” version of what happened the night Nichole Brown and Ron Goldman were killed. It ties together very nicely, and it’s easy to place OJ Simpson there at the event. We all know the story of the famous glove. Premier racist, Mark Fuhrman takes the glove to OJ’s house and strategically places it where it can be found, and the rest is history. Let’s talk about that. Now, one glove is left at the murder scene, and one allegedly transported to OJ’s place. So we are led to believe that the detective picked up one glove in order to effect the frame up. In order to make this work you must assume the killer removed both gloves, leaving both on the ground. The detective takes one, and leaves one. The only alternative is that the killer really DID leave one glove and stupidly discarded the other when he got home.

When OJ flew back from Chicago he had a cut on his hand. The prosecution contended that this cut happened during the murders, while OJ said it happened in Chicago. Now let’s look at this. OJ answers the phone with a cocktail in his hand. He is informed that his ex-wife has been killed. He slams the glass down in the sink, where blood WAS found by the way, and cuts his finger. He says that he really can’t remember how he cut the finger. He’d be lucky if he could remember the rest of the night after a call like that. Lucky he was coherent enough to make flight arrangements. When he arrived in LA the cut was still fresh. Still, there were the glove(s).

We all remember the famous glove fashion show for the jury. For whatEVER reason The Juice couldn’t put them all the way on. Well, I have an idea about that. I had a similar pair of gloves that came with my Mercedes. They ended up in the trunk of the car for a season and when I found them I simply could not get them on. I used saddle soap and limbered them up. These were not garden gloves folks, they were skin tight fashion gloves! So there is OJ displaying the ill fit for the court. Back to the scene of the crime.

Allegedly OJ hits Goldman, pops Nichole long side her head about the same time, then guts Goldman, turns and cuts Nichole’s throat and suddenly discovers he’s lost the hat. So, everybody’s dead, dog’s a barking, he removes one glove and goes feeling around in the dark, losing the glove, and never retrieving the hat. Now make a note. The people are dead, knife work’s done. Anyway, he goes home, loses the other glove in the yard, yeah this professional football player doesn’t seem to have the coordination to keep a sport glove on his hand, drops it in the yard and sprints off for a shower.

There is one damning clue in the display of the gloves by OJ to the jury. Forget the fit, just understand that he was stretching those gloves in a display of great effort, either real or contrived. Now, if we remember that according to the prosecutions own experts, OJ had both glove ON during the actual stabbing. Where’s the cut? If he cut his own finger during the fight, where is the corresponding cut on the glove? It is not possible to cut your finger without cutting through the glove. “If the glove don’t fit, you must acquit?” No, if there ain’t no rip your case is flipped!

Bill the Butcher
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