The Green Rush

The Green Rush

The Green Rush

There is a “Green Rush” sweeping the nation right now, and if you can’t smell the smoke then see a doctor because you have a sinus infection! California blazed the trail in 1996 for medical marijuana, and over the years several states have leaped on the cannabis express. With federal law looming over their heads every minute of the day, growers, processors and dispensaries are expanding their business at an exponential rate with no end in sight. At the same time, the access to data is now allowing medical research teams to examine the real benefits and drawbacks of applying the plant to various health conditions.

When the term “medical marijuana” was coined it was looked at as a joke, or at the most a clever way to people to use the drug under the guise of legitimacy. The drug has had to prove itself by winding its way through a maze not put upon other pharmaceuticals. Marijuana won’t cure cancer, it just masks the symptoms. Well, aspirin won’t cure a broken leg, it just masks the symptoms! As users come out in public the amount of symptoms marijuana masks is quite impressive. From the Wall Street stock broker who unwinds after a long day, to the VA patient when asked what he did that improved his eye pressure the insertion of the use of marijuana is demonstrating its value from D.C. all the way to Oakland, California.

So what is the federal position? The federal government bases its case on the ramblings of one crazy old man in post prohibition America who convinced congress that smoking marijuana made Mexicans crazy and they would rape white women! Is that racist enough for you? Harry J. Anslinger heading up the Federal Bureau of Narcotics gave us the mindless regulation we enjoy today. With the formation of the government entity propaganda films were produced based entirely on wilder fantasies than any pothead ever had, and the fed is still trying to instill these ideas in the heads of laughing school children.

At the core of this debate is the very same idea that started the Civil War, states rights! The the state of California chooses to regulate and tax marijuana what right does the federal government have to overrule the will of the California people? The Feds should worry about roads, and perhaps those thousands of “refugees” coming into the country with no name and carrying tuberculosis! The last time so many states defied the national government we had a war, this time, ironically the states “just said ‘NO!”

As the evidence for the use of marijuana mounts, and more people come out front the Fed will have to concede to the will of the people. That’s the way it’s supposed to work, isn’t it? Half the country smokes and the other half don’t care. It’s as simple as that. I don’t smoke, I’m allergic, but a lot of my friends do. Solution? Sit down wind. And if some lovely lady smokes and becomes romantically aggressive, I can always go to confession. Yessir, The Green Rush is definitely here to stay.

Bill the Butcher
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