This Video May Be Most Important Thing You Watch This Year


This video may be the most important thing you watch this year. Texas, being a border state has long contended with illegals coming in bringing their health problems with them. Diseases we thought were a thing of the past have come across the border making Texas hyper-alert to the threat. Now we have an elevated situation.

First, let’s define “refugee.” A refugee flees their home for safety. They are supposed to be placed in a holding camp until the situation back home abates, and then they go HOME! Immigrants come to stay, refugees come to cycle back.

What we have now is a steady stream of Somalis coming into the country, some have not only paperwork they have no NAME! The vetting process is no process. They are afforded health care, social security, pocket money and just about anything else they need. They are infected with tuberculosis, Ebola, and any other little gifts Africa has to offer.

The travel ban is literally a matter of life and death for America. The worse thing in Texas schools used to be a lice outbreak. Now we have much more to worry about. Our AIDS epidemic was coming under control. Not anymore. Refugees are eaten UP with AIDS. Americans are healthier than our guests, but the assault on us by these diseases will bring us down a peg or two.

Now, let’s talk terrorism. Somalia isn’t even a country, it’s a garbage dump run by pirates. They pillage and rob. That’s all they do. With the almost non-existent background checks by the receiving end, these criminals will find themselves like kids in a candy store. And the government thinks this is all fine.

We need to talk solutions. If we don’t figure this out this situation will outrun our resources in short order. Our schools will not be safe, our streets will not be safe, and our families will not be safe. We need to put these people BACK on a boat and burn wherever they lived. Then, in the future, we need to reopen something like Ellis Island, vet the dickens out of all arrivals. If they show up sick, back home they go! One crime in the old country, back home they go. No paperwork, boat bound. No ifs, and’s/or buts!

If we are going to survive as a nation we need to fix this. The worse thing we should have to go through in this country is the flu. Donald Trump has opened a new world for us, and we don’t have room to fix places like Somalia. Please watch this video. It’s a bit long but well worth the view. It is not a shocking video. The lady is a former employee for the services that help place refugees. It was so bad she was concerned for her own health having to deliver them in a van, but when she requested cleaning she was refused! K

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