The 11 Tactics of Highly Deceptive People


In my book, “Atlas Shouts“, I cite the 11 tactics of deception leftists use in debate, be prepared for them. To socially combat these tactics, see Saul Lofgrinsky’s Rules to Confront Radicals.

We can prove they know the truth by asking the right questions, as Columbo employed in the detective series, interrogators employ, and seasoned psychiatrists understand.

The 11 Tactics of Highly Deceptive People

When you see these tactics used in series, it means the liberal or Republican KNOWS he’s prevaricating.  They are conducting fake debate, likely to be based on fake news.  And they know it.  They are deceiving.

The list is sorted in order of highest frequency, first.

    1. Delusional attack: The deceiver says a form of “You are crazy. Get help. What are you talking about ?”    “What are you talking about?” is an especially obvious signal of insincerity, since an intelligent person never wants to proudly say they are confused.
    2. Ridicule attack: The deceiver makes a joke of the allegation and arouse group laughter to drown out the accusation.
    3. Truth focus: The deceiver will focus on a true part of his “story” as if it were a dominant part of the false part, then insist on the premise the true parts of the story make the whole story true.
    4. Equivocate attack – The deceiver says “Everyone lies” – so they believe it is ok to lie.
    5. Incredulous attack: The deceiver says a form of “How could the lie go this far if it weren’t true?”
    6. Shut up/silence/re-topic attack: The deceiver does not want to talk about it, so they shut down or change the topic.
    7. Evasion moves: The deceiver refuses to look at or acknowledge the data that documents the details of the lie.
    8. Anger Attack – The deceiver gets angry and indignant.
    9. Why? Attack: The deceiver says a form of “This will not go anywhere, why discuss it?”
    10. Jump ahead attack: The deceiver says a form of “You are really just out to make someone look bad, aren’t you?”   This type of attack includes the “strawman,” where the opponent’s position is recited in an obviously incorrect description, than attacked for the incorrect description.   The strawman user has to pretend he is stupid enough to believe what he wrote is true, so this form of attack creates a new lie.
    11. Friend threat, attack: The deceiver says “you will lose friends and/or trust over this,” suggesting they will defriend you if you keep it up.

If you watch drama shows, these are always tactics writers employ in scripts to hint the character is lying.

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