A Paul Ryan Presidency Is a Good Question

Paul Ryan

The Paul Ryan Presidency Is a Good Question

Paul RyanThis is actually a good question, why in the world would we ever consider a Paul Ryan Presidency? The list of reasons against such an occurrence are so numerous, it’s astounding that anyone would even raise such a question. That is anyone who is looking for honest change from the status quo that Washington politics has become.

First and foremost, say Trump were to be impeached for some reason the next one in line is Pence. So far, no scandal has been linked to Pence other than the fact that he is staunchly conservative regarding social issues. Vice President Pence is well liked by the Republican establishment, so barring health issues, death, or assassination, I don’t see him being removed from office. But it seems this question has been asked so bear with me as we explore this topic a bit.

On November 8, 2016, the American people came out in droves to vote for a candidate who talked about the very things that those of main street USA had been discussing for years to no avail. This candidate spoke to the very hearts and souls of the working men and women who felt all but forgotten and disenfranchised by those in Washington. The previous eight years of a stagnant economy, the government takeover of healthcare, corruption, and divisive politics had awoken a sleeping giant and the country was ripe for an outsider that spoke the language of mainstream America.

And along came Trump, the consummate outsider who spoke without the eloquence of most seasoned politicians, but more like the average Joe on the street. When he talked, you felt like he was talking to you, not at you or down to you. MAGA aka Make America Great Again became the mantra that would take the country by storm. America first resonated to millions who had previously been overlooked in the past in favor of identity politics. It resonated so strongly with We the People that even when Trump said things that would be career suicide for most politicians, it only served to endear him even more to the people. He was like them, he made mistakes, he was human. No matter what the opposition brought up about his past, the people could not be swayed.

Fast forward to today and we see a Presidency that is under attack even by those in his own party. You see, they never even envisioned he would win the election, yet there he is and the Washington elite wants nothing to do with it or his plans. Talk of impeachment is being bandied about amongst the democrats as they attempt to embroil this administration in the Russian scandal. Two months into this administration and President Trump still has not managed to get his full cabinet past the nomination process and into their selected positions.
Investigations and senate hearings over wiretapping, ties to Russia have taken the forefront, and the media have become like sharks that smell blood in the water. This administration does seem hard pressed to deal with these things and put them to rest, and certainly,President Trump’s tweets aren’t helping matters in that area.

So enter stage left, Paul Ryan, the golden boy of the Republican Party, past vice presidential candidate, and now Speaker of the House. Paul Ryan is the polar opposite of Trump in that he is the consummate political insider, polished, and highly regarded as a fiscal conservative bean counter. He is also heavily indebted to special interest.
Ryan is a big proponent of the H1 B visas that import cheaper foreign labor, open borders, amnesty, and open trade that has devastated manufacturing in this country. The budget he put forward during the Obama Presidency was also criticized by Ryan’s own party because it basically gave Obama everything he wanted. And let’s not forget that before their marriage, Ryan’s wife who hails from a wealthy democratic family, wasa lobbyist for Insurance companies and big pharma.
One has only to look at the 1st district in Wisconsin, Paul Ryan’s district to see why one should not even consider a Ryan Presidency. The massive loss of manufacturing in his district has left a landscape of abandoned factories, unemployment, illegal immigrants, drugs, gang violence, and desperately poor neighborhoods that were once considered thriving middle class neighborhoods. I lived in his district for years and saw this all up close and personal.

His latest claim to fame is the “repeal and replace” Obama care debacle. While the mainstream media is fond of calling it Trump care, make no mistake this plan was put together by Ryan. Ryan care 2.0 for one did not repeal Obama care, but rather changed a few things around, bailed out insurance companies and did absolutely nothing to address the very real problems and rising costs that Obama care brought to the American people. I for one was deeply disappointed that Trump would even consider this bill, which strayed a great deal from the plan he put on his website while he was running for office. Even some members of the Republican Party could not vote for it and I applaud them for sticking to their guns. Luckily it was pulled in the final hours before the vote. We can all be grateful for that because we dodged a huge bullet on this one. If passed this would have guaranteed Trump only one term. It leaves me to wonder if that was the plan considering Ryan stated unequivocally during the campaign that he would not and could not ever support a Trump Presidency.

Do I think that Trump will be the perfect President who will magically solve all our nations’ woes? No, but I do think he’s gone a long way in waking up a sleeping giant and the movement he created is taking this country by storm. I strongly believe that he has opened things up enough to begin to allow a change in the two party system we’ve been forced to accept for years.

So while some may fantasize about a Paul Ryan Presidency, the reality is that it simply will not happen during this term.

Laura Roberts
I hail from a family that has served this country in the Military as far back as the civil war. Not only did I serve, but I married a Soldier who has just retired after 26 years of service with several tours down range. I’m finally putting down roots in Georgia with my husband and our 6 rescued fur babies. I’m passionate about this country and for all its perceived faults it is still the greatest country in the world. I’m passionate about politics and I believe it is up to each and every one of us to stay informed and hold the feet of the political class to the fire. In a way, I suppose I’m still serving, this time with the pen rather than the sword. So follow along with me as I share with you what is a uniquely American conversation.
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