The Piece of the United Airlines Story Everyone is Missing

FILE PHOTO - A United Airlines Boeing 787 taxis as a United Airlines Boeing 767 lands at San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco, California, U.S. on February 7, 2015. REUTERS/Louis Nastro/File Photo

Sunday morning, United Airlines prohibited two girls from boarding their flight because they were wearing leggings and the internet is up in arms. The two girls were supposed to be catching a flight from Minneapolis to Denver when they were stopped at the gate for being dressed inappropriately.

The incident was first reported on Twitter by Shannon Watts, a passenger at the airport who was waiting to board a flight to Mexico. In a telephone interview from Mexico on Sunday afternoon, Ms. Watts said she noticed two visibly upset teenage girls leaving the gate next to hers. Both were wearing leggings.

As we watch the internet almost devour itself calling this “sexism,” let’s take a look at the cold hard facts. This was not sexism, as many would love to believe. This was simply the implementation of the rules that have been in place for years. I have flown as a standby passenger countless times and have recognized the dress code and the airline rules that come with being such a passenger. If you want to fly standby and avoid paying for a full priced ticket, you follow the rules of the company allowing you to do so. Plain and simple. The girls were flying standby and not following the rules so they were not allowed to fly, unfortunately for United, they happened to be female and now United has to deal with the intolerant, rule breaking society we live in today.

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