As Women’s History Month comes to a close, it is remarkable observing how the Democrat Party has attempted to lecture Republicans and the American people about women’s suffrage and equality. Either in ignorance or in duplicitous fashion, they repeatedly hijack American history, abusively perverting it in order to fit their own narrative of generations of Democrats fighting the moral, just, and virtuous battles for civil rights and for all things considered good by society.

And yet, with a little research, history stands on its own two feet and illuminates the lies fabricated and propagated by the party of Wilson.

In 1878, Aaron Augustus Sargent, a Republican U.S. Senator from California and husband of Susan B. Anthony’s close friend Ellen Clark, introduced the 19th Amendment for the first time to the United States Senate. Sargent’s first proposal was, of course, defeated by the Democratic Party. That disappointing vote on the floor of the Senate would only be the first of a series of shutdowns by congressional Democrats.

Year after year—for 40 years—Republicans in Congress repeatedly re-introduced the amendment for a vote, never reaching the required two-thirds threshold necessary for its passage. Even when Republicans held the majority in one or both houses of Congress, Democrats refused to reach across the aisle and stand for the political equality of women.

Frustrated with the actions of Senate and House Democrats in the federal government, suffragists— including Susan B. Anthony— led efforts to get bills passed in state legislatures that granted women the right to vote. If enough states passed these types of bills, they projected that there would be overwhelming political pressure on Congress to pass the 19th Amendment. By the end of 1918, fifteen states had adopted referendums that allowed women to legally vote in elections at all levels of government.

Attempting to persuade congressional Democrats, Suffragists made the argument that President Woodrow Wilson — a Democrat who vehemently opposed women’s suffrage — would not have won reelection in 1916 over Supreme Court Justice Charles Evans Hughes had it not been for state’s allowing women to cast votes for their state’s slate of electors. Unfortunately, that argument was not enough to convince Democrats in Congress to halt their opposition to the 19th Amendment.

The tide finally turned in late 1918, as the Democrat Party lost majorities in both houses of Congress — due in large part to Woodrow Wilson’s drop in popularity. Wilson campaigned on keeping the United States out of World War I, but he reneged on that promise. The GOP, now with majorities in Congress and several states aligned with their campaign, was finally in a position to pass the 19th Amendment. By July of 1919, the 19th Amendment had passed both houses of Congress, and on August 24th, 1920, the State of Tennessee would become the final state needed to ratify the amendment.

So, why do Democrats deceptively take credit for the accomplishments of Republicans like A.A. Sargent, Ellen Clark, and Susan B. Anthony? Perhaps, because they are desperate to ensure that the racist, sexist history of their own party remains a secret.

Sadly, they have been successful in this effort. After all, the Democrat Party and the Left generally control the media and academia—two critical outlets of influence that are utilized today as indoctrination mills. It is through these outlets that the Democrats have brainwashed the next generation into believing that their party is morally superior, having accomplished all of the progress actually made by Republicans, and that the Republican Party is nothing more than a collection of ignorant, woman-hating racists who seek to destroy the proletariat.

In fact, this exact scenario happened just this week. During the course of his remarks at the Women’s Empowerment Panel on Wednesday, President Donald Trump paid tribute to three historically influential American women, of which Susan B. Anthony was among them.

Here is a transcript of Trump’s remarks about the leader of the 19th century women’s suffrage movement:

“And we’ve had leaders like Susan B. Anthony—have you heard of Susan B. Anthony? I’m shocked that you’ve heard of her—who dreamed of a much more equal and fair future, an America where women themselves, as she said, ‘helped to make laws and elect the lawmakers.'”

To any person who watched the remarks in whole, as opposed to in selective part, would have quickly picked up on the fact that Trump’s off-hand remark was made in a sarcastic fashion.

Yet, as one would expect, the Democrats and the praetorian guard media (a fitting term coined by constitutional lawyer Mark Levin), in unison, spared no time attempting to lecture the President, treating him like a benighted fool who had never heard of Susan B. Anthony.

For example, Karen Tumulty, a national political correspondent for The Washington Post who is most recently remembered as a laughing-stock for her “unbiased,” “stalwart” investigation of the “expensive tastes” of former President George Herbert Walker Bush’s daughter-in-law, Columba Bush, in which she twists facts in order to trash the wife of former GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush. In similar fashion, the correspondent tweeted of Trump’s comments:

Rebecca Ballhaus (The Wall Street Journal), Emma Gray (The Huffington Post), Frank Thorp (NBC News), and Jennifer Epstein (Bloomberg)—all non-partisan, unbiased reporters, of course—joined in chorus with Tumulty.

Then came the lecture. And of course, from none other than the daughter of former Secretary of State and Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton:

What is most damning about Clinton’s remarks is that they showcase her own historical ignorance of who Susan B. Anthony really was. Perhaps these “journalists” should have tagged Clinton’s account in their tweets because apparently she never cared to figure out that Anthony was a Republican who fought for political equality for women in spite of the Democratic Party, which sabotaged her efforts at every turn.

The former First Daughter, though, wasn’t the only one to lecture the President and Republicans on Susan B. Anthony and women’s suffrage during Women’s History Month.

Recall on the last day of February, several Democratic congresswomen decided it would be clever to dress in all white for the President’s first joint address to Congress as a symbol of women’s suffrage, hoping to take another stab at protesting the legitimate election of Donald Trump to the Office of the Presidency by way of the electoral college.

The outfit coordination effort was led by the chair of the Democratic Women’s Working Group, Representative Lois Frankel (D-Fla.), who represents Florida’s 21st congressional district.

“We wear white to unite against any attempts by the Trump Administration to roll back the incredible progress women have made in the last century, and we will continue to support the advancement of all women. We will not go back,” commented Frankel, who tweeted this photo—picturing House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi (D-Cal.)—hours before President Trump’s Address:

What these Democratic women did was so deceptively inappropriate that even Susan B. Anthony was rolling over in her grave. The irony of the whole debacle is that they commandeered an issue actually fought for by the Republican Party, and then used that stolen credit to virtue signal and self-righteously position themselves as the moral superiors to a Republican President of the United States—all for political optics. It makes one wonder whether they have any shame at all.

Certainly the most laughable part of the stunt by Pelosi, Frankel, and these various Democratic congresswomen is, just like Mrs. Clinton, the exposure of a severe lack of knowledge on their part about their own party’s history. What they fail to remember is at the same time that the GOP was crusading for women’s suffrage, the Democrats were integrating the Ku Klux Klan as a military arm of their party to carry out post-slavery racism. Unless they were planning to switch parties, one might mistake this group of Democrats dressed in all white as merely symbolizing the racist heritage of their party—not supporting policies that are a direct result of Republican virtue.