To Mask or Not To Mask

To Mask or Not To Mask

To Mask or Not To Mask

To mask or not to mask, that is the question. The one thing to know is, yet again, Trump was right, he WAS being surveilled. This is my surprised face. Remember when I told you that if we know the NSA, and every other gumshoe in Washington is watching us, and listening to every one of our phone calls, for someone to say the Obama White House has nothing to do with anything like that was just about the stupidest thing to come rolling out of there since Bill Clinton forgot who ate pizza with him that night. Matter of fact, since I’ve been able to read I haven’t heard any of those guys tell the straight of it yet!

Enter Susan Rice with all the double talk we’ve all become accustomed to. And just what is “unmasking?” Well, as near as I can figure it’s the finking out a fink. The fink strikes a deal and goes blabbermouth, and when they run out of blabber they get thrown out in the street in their underwear. Then, there are leaks. You’d think the freaking government would be at least as secure as say, the Hell’s Angels, now wouldn’t you? And at least as fiscally sound as a crack house. Well, they’re not! And just who is Susan Rice? Why she’s the genius who blames Benghazi on a poorly edited YouTube video. That’s right! Remember that? All them there ragheads was all pent up over a flick. Rice completely forgot all them guns they were running all over creation. Of course Hillary was not involved. She was too busy resetting the password on her Yahoo mail so she could send a few more classified documents to eHarmony! Millions voted for her! Millions voted for the Black Knight . . . TWICE! And you wonder why Donald Trump doesn’t fit up there.

It’s accepted that black people can dance, and Susan Rice is shuffling along pretty good right now. Fox News is drilling down on this. The Main Stream Media is still looking for Russians. Alternative media has so eclipsed the MSM I’m amazed they can still pay the bills anymore. Rice IS a big story and they act as if it never happened. And a lot of YOU PEOPLE still depend on them for news. Yeah, I really said that, and you know who you are.

Well, welcome to Trump America. The judge will be confirmed, the wall will be built, taxes will go down, and kids will come out of school and WILL have a job waiting because companies will come home and hire them. The future gets brighter every day for middle America. Well all but Susan’s future, because judging by his track record, Donald Trump is about to be on her like white on rice. Get it, white on rice. I KILL me!

Bill the Butcher
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