Pass The Pipe

Pass The Pipe

Pass The Pipe

Obviously, Russia, ISIS, Iran, Assad and Korea are continuing to pass the pipe. The strike in Syria didn’t draw a line in the sand, it blew it up! One by one, sane minds are coming to the logical conclusion that the only way to get a bully out of the school yard is to knock him down. Leaders in Korea, Iran, and Syria are still talking crap, and they’re not brushing their teeth.

Obama was a weak president, and a closet, or not so closet Muslim. Between his indecision and Susan Rice’s misinformation it’s a miracle that Putin is not living in the White House. I think it’s highly symbolic when Obama left office that he also left the country to a place with a non-extradition situation. Y’all didn’t notice that, huh?

Now, before the more liberal faction gets their thong in a knot, let me enlighten you. Putin is not going to WWIII over Assad. By the way, North Korea doesn’t have anywhere NEAR the nuclear capability of ONE US Navy carrier group, and EVERYONE hates ISIS up to and including Saudi Arabia, and the Saudis are dirt bags, too.

America is back! Don’t pass the pipe. My friend, C. J. Grisham had a rally in Houston last week to protest a city ordinance forbidding carrying an American Flag on a staff because it looked like a weapon. C. J. fastened his flag to a rifle, and was allowed to wave the flag he defended in Iraq! A pro-police author was shouted down in California by students, who had to leave for her own safety as WHITE students were supporting Black Lives Matter. By the way, as the Trump administration shuts down sanctuary cities California became a sanctuary STATE! Pass the pipe to governor Brown please.

Well, times they ARE a changing, and as real Americans become more emboldened this bizzaro world will go away, and yeah, yeah, yeah, we’re a bunch of rednecks, yeah, yeah, yeah, we have a president who looks like us, and yeah, yeah, we don’t want gay people in our little girl’s bathroom! Get over it! Remember that pendulum I’ve been telling you about for four years? Well, it just swung all the way to the right, Trump grabbed it, and held it there, and like McDonald’s, I’m LOVING it! Pass the pipe some more, idiots!

Bill the Butcher
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