Kellyanne throws some serious shade at the ‘presumptively negative’ mainstream media

Kelly Anne Conway talking about mainstream media bias

In the last month or so, we haven’t seen much of President Trump’s counselor, Kellyanne Conway. However, Conway sat down with Michael Wolff at the Newseum in Washington this morning.

Conway, in a way, praised print editors for, “still doing their jobs,” as opposed to TV news outlets who produce news, “as a way to entertain other journalists.” Conway said she gives the media an “incomplete” grade for their coverage of President Donald Trump’s administration thus far, saying it’s too early to judge. It was likely a more generous grade than several of her White House colleagues would offer.

She goes on to blame the media for the unpreparedness of the public to receive Donald J. Trump as their 45th president back in November. She told Wolff that the reason that there is a continuous resistance to the president that has never been there before was because the media prepared its viewers for only one outcome to the election and because of that, they were caught extremely unaware. She ends her answer to Wolff by stating that the media, in regards to the election, was so “unequivocally wrong and embarrassing.”

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