Texas Is Incompatible With America


Texas is Incompatible with America. It just don’t fit. In my literary journeys over the last few months I’ve tried to find common ground, but it’s just not there. The Nortés have lost it, and without Texas showing them the way they’re never gonna get it back. They’ve got the best president they’ve had in forty years, and they can’t even agree with him that they don’t need to sell Long Island to the Mexicans!
I watched a bunch of documentaries yesterday, drank a little whiskey, well, a lot of whiskey, but my mind was clear this morning, and one of the films I watched concerned Sandy Hook. I cried through the entire thing, but something struck me. The yankee mind is so twisted that it can’t understand you have to deal with some things through common sense! You have a nut killing little kids, so what do you do? Why you run down to yankee central in Washington and try to take everybody’s guns away! That way, when the next idiot decides to turn an elementary school into a shooting gallery he’ll just see the “Gun Free Zone” sign, and all the passive resistance, and realize there’s nothing to see there, and just go home. I crappith thee NOT! A United States Senator actually said that! She said that if you put up no resistance an active shooter will calm down, find Jesus, and just go home! Wow! I wish I could run across her in a bar, and she was cute!
In my travels I have seen some pockets of resistance in the northland. I’ve also seen that this is the exception rather than the rule. Just try to book a conservative speaker at Berkeley. I announced my return to TexCentric writing yesterday, mentioned the word, “Yankees” and was seized upon by the Battling Bitches of Brooklyn. You’d think I’d called them the “N” word that some people can say and some people can’t. As you may know, I became entangled in the intrigue of this March For America nonsense. When I saw the word, “America” I should have known better. The behavior of that little band of merry faggots was the rule rather than the exception, and I found that the groups opposing it were just as bad, if not worse than it was. Back stabbing, lying, out and out criminals, all but one or two exceptions, the “Pissed Off American” and his Mother of All Rallies, (MOAR) being the last hold out and the American version of the Alamo. Another documentary I watched was about the University of Texas sniper. I noticed a major difference in the public reaction to Sandy Hook, and UT. Now, notwithstanding the babies at Sandy Hook were defenseless, but the students at UT were, too, but the public wasn’t. They had guns in pickups, and turned them on Whitman. By the time Martinez and crew dispatched him he was so busy ducking deer rifles he didn’t have time to take aim.
One time I went to pick up my granddaughter, Puck, at school. As you know, she’s diabetic, and had a sugar problem that day, so I sat in the nurses station waiting on Puck to collect herself to go home where I’d fix the problem. Anyway, as I sat there, I noticed the kids milling around the central hallway, with a couple male teachers among them. Then I hit me; I’d just walked in, simply waved at the office staff, and passed right on by, in my full length London Fog desert coat! I only went through the office because I’m a nice guy. I could have just as easily walked straight through the front door into the main hall where the kids were with an AR-15 under my coat! I was totally unimpressed with the “staff” herding the kids through the hall. I realized that I was the only man there with a set of balls, and out of respect for the law I’d left my pistol in my car! I’d fallen for yankee political correctness, and by doing so endangered my granddaughter and all the other kids, too. “But,” you ask, “how often does something like that happen?” I was sitting one mile from the Luby’s massacre, and about four miles from Fort Hood! THAT’S how often! ONE bullet would have ended both of those events.
Texas is incompatible with America, and following their lead will get you killed! We may not be able to secede right now, but we can ignore. I mean, what can they do? They’re still trying to figure out why letting illegal aliens get food stamps might be a bad idea, c’mon! Not all Americans are bad, I’ve met four good ones, well five. Texas has got to slap some sense back into their heads and maybe, just maybe, they’ll learn to build cars again, but don’t hold your breath, they’re still trying to come to grips with the fact that it takes a man and a woman to make a baby! Texas is incompatible with America!


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