Key Genetic Code of Liberal DNA Discovered


Liberals have one line of genetic computer code in their head which reveals their propensity to adopt and practice Alinsky-style disruptive debate tactics.

This observation led me to this hypothesis:

  • If a liberal sees one fact for their case and 20 against, they’ll cite the one fact as dominant and refuse to discuss the other 20.
  • If a liberal sees 20 facts for a conservative case and 1 against, they’ll cite the one against it as dominant, and refuse to discuss the other 20.

By recognizing this genetic, DNA-level bias, conservatives can begin to turn the battle against the communist left:

The DNA Code

IF (pro-constitutional or anti-liberal fact)

  • THEN       Begin to act stupid about each supporting fact
  • or            Maximize opposing antagonism, feelings, beliefs, and opinion.

ELSE IF (pro-liberal or anti-constitutional fact)

  • THEN   Vigorously champion each minute supporting fact
  • AND     Begin to reduce feelings, beliefs, and opinion


  • THEN act normal


Dr. King Made the Same Observation

Dr. King discovered this same line of code as well, he talked about it in one of his speeches.

“Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” 

Always employ Saul Lofgrinsky’s rules to confront radicals in public debate, never imagine they are honestly debating you.

“Those who promise to relieve us of the burden through their personal or ideological excellence, those who claim to hold the Magic Beans, are simply confidence men. Their emergence is inevitable, and our individual opposition to and rejection of them, as they emerge, must be blunt and sure; if they are arrogant, willful, duplicitous, or simply wrong, they must be replaced, else they will consolidate power, and use the treasury to buy votes, and deprive us of our liberties.”   – David Mamet, 2011

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