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From the Mind of a Dumb Ole Biker in Alvin, Texas. Chappy Gypsy
Written my a fellow brother in arms Steve Baglemann USMC, Brother and Friend and he doesn’t mix any words here.
Let’s get a few things straight.

First, there is only one party, the establishment. There are no longer Democrats or Republicans as they both disappeared a long time ago. They are both two heads of the same damned snake trying to get everyone to believe they are fighting for you, when in fact all they are doing is getting fat and sassy with money and power.

Second and a fact, over the last four election cycles the left have lost a total of near 1,000 seats in government including the presidency. This clearly indicates the frustration for a majority of the nation’s citizens that things weren’t running correctly as the people saw fit. There is no disputing this. Fact, period.

Third, Trump was elected President of the United States, not because of the political left’s desire for Hillary, but because the electorate selected Trump to win. The electorate is a more balanced way for every citizen’s voice to be heard, not just those in the major cities. This is what our fore-fathers wanted and this is what we got; a president was elected by the people for the people. I won’t debate anyone on this. If you don’t agree, push for an Amendment to change the constitutional way we elect a president and good luck with that.

Fourth, the Constitution is a document, a contract between the people and its elected officials. It limits power to the Federal Government and protects the rights of the citizens. The Constitution is not, nor was intended to be a living, breathing document whereby we make changes as we go along or read into any more than what is in plain black and white. The tool for changing the laws and rights within the Constitution are called Constitutional Amendments. If the masses gain enough support for a change, a Amendment can be made. Otherwise, the law and protections are outlined as written. Stop wordsmithing and attempting to put a square peg in a round hole, or maybe you missed that day in preschool.

Fifth, until and unless there is verifiable written or physical proof of something, it is only hearsay and is more less a fairy tale. Anonymous said so doesn’t make it fact. Several people saying the same story from an unverified source doesn’t make it a fact either. Get your panties in a bunch all you want, however there are no faults unless something is proven to be a fact with evidence. Investigate away and if something comes up to prove without a doubt, then we can have an adult conversation, otherwise stay in the nursery.

With all that said, you can keep your Washington Post, your NY Times, your rag after rag, as well as your alphabet news agencies, they’re all bought and paid for by the same clowns in the establishment. Executives at the highest levels of these agencies are directly related, or married to those same politicians who pretend to work in our government. And guess who supplies money to both the politicians and the media to keep their little games going? Corporations like FB, Walmart, Amazon, Apple, big pharma, big oil and power, etc. Lobbyists, plain and simple. How do you think everyone that serves in our government goes from only earning a couple hundred thousand a year to millionaires and billionaires while in office? Did you know that every last one of those serving fall into those two categories? Wouldn’t you like to work as little during a year and fly all over the country making that kind of cash!

Now I suspect the majority of those who voted for Trump did so to take back our government and move away from these criminals. What they’ve done is not capitalistic, it’s back-room robbery and deception. Capitalism has been largely hijacked by these folks. All the taxes collected and we still have inner-cities never getting out of poverty? All the money going to Chicago in some form and the local neighborhoods are still so poor, uneducated, still killing each other? Why??? Because those are votes for one party right there! Yes, they are easier to manipulate because their education was so poor. Tell them you’re working for them and throw them a bone or some free stuff once in awhile, especially around election time and you have yourself a captive audience of voters. The same with illegal immigrants and asylum seekers, give em stuff and you’ve bought votes for life. This is happening in every major city across the nation. You have those that have and you have those that have not.

Back in the 1860’s slavery was abolished and those enslaved were free. I’m not going to get into black slavery although it was the predominant, when in fact there were other types of slavery as well in other nationalities in this country as well during our history. The point is, slavery was abolished and the left’s ability to have and maintain slaves was eliminated, or was it?

Slavery over time was converted to enslavement. Think about those two words and the meanings of each.

Today, people aren’t slaves in the sense we know from a time in our history, they are enslaved. Enslaved in inner-cities, enslaved to be taxed more than actual take-home. The majority of people in this country are barely getting by and live paycheck to paycheck. It’s the establishment who causes this, the inner-cities are from the left, the back dealing corporatists are on the right, taxation games from both. There are so many more examples, but this gets the point across.

Trump was elected to take the trash out, drain the swamp, eliminate the good ol boys network, remove the dealers, whatever you want to call it, that’s his directive by the people. Remember the electoral college put him in power, not the major cities. The general masses have spoken and if questioned again in 2018, they will speak louder as necessary.

Like it or not, Donald Trump is the President of the United States. Enemies from all walks of political, media and corporate life want him taken down because he’s going to wreck their game. Politicians will pontificate, media will stretch or make up stories that are unverifiable, backed by corporate monies to do whatever it takes to remove this man from office.

Until and unless hard verifiable or physical proof is found about any accusations from any party, don’t fall into the temptation to believe the fairy tales. If you’ve read this far, maybe you agree with me. There are a lot of us out there and certainly more than the media will have you believe. We are by far the majority and we need to stick together and see this thru. We are a proud Republic and although we have been off-road a bit, we are getting a handle on things and getting our country back on track. Have faith and pray about it. Thanks for reading!

Written by,
Steve Balgemann

Bill the Butcher
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