Plain Truth

Plain Truth

Plain TruthThere are times when you are called to do something that is so cutting edge that it has a life of its own. I’m known to step outside the box and I did that tonight. What I wrote was extreme when I wrote this article, but I wrote it to make a point. I’m tired of the threats against my president, his family and those of us who support him. Donald Trump has been under attack since day one, that one being one minute after he won the election, and it has to end. The liberals don’t want America Great Again because if it is they have to go to work, buy their own food, be the gender they were born with and have to accept those of us who worship the God that doesn’t kill people because they believe what our founding fathers gave us. President Trump drew a line in the sand and America stepped across. Now they threaten to assassinate our vote, dissolve our borders and destroy our way of life. Well, tonight I said, “Enough!” and I said it pretty clear. I support my president and America. I support every child’s right to be born. I support every American’s right to be rich or poor, conservative or liberal, drunk or sober, ever how they choose. Sure was easier writing funny songs, but here I stand.

Bill the Butcher
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I write right off the top of my head. I’m direct, funny, and simple. The key word is, “simple.” I have a high school education from Killeen High in Killeen, Texas, and that’s about as illiterate as you can be, and they still let you drive a car. No use trying to slander me. If you want to dig dirt on me you’d better bring a dump truck, because friend, I’ve done it all. If there was anything I missed it’s only because no one told me about it, because if they did, well, I’d have done that, too! I call myself, “A Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin,” because when I fall short I can always say, “Hey, I told you from the start that I was stupid.”

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