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The Voice Of America

Arching overhead as do the stars, ever present, always enigmatic, but always pointing the way to those familiar with them, are the forms that define all things earthly, the functional equivalent of themselves. When we seek the meaning of or otherwise attempt to utilize truth, justice, love, or God, we must make do with facts, equity, idolatry, and an ever changing supreme being. This does not mean that such things do not exist; rather it is a sign that they, like the stars do exist, but as perfect representations of our need, forever beyond our reach, but ever beckoning to our understanding. Some things have been accomplished by man that come closer to expressing this understanding than most. Titian brought forth our base emotions more cleanly than most artists who sought to bring awe to something as base as mere canvas. That time encompassing roughly the 70th decade of the twentieth century gave music a voice that soared beyond mere imagination, and was near perfection at times. The 20 years of genius in manufacturing following the Second World War gave us the foundation upon which technology will be built until humans cease to exist. These are examples of humans finding a way of temporarily unlocking form so that it might be paired with function. One of the most clear examples of this can be found in the U.S. constitution, which provided the world with a roadmap with which to find its way into any future. It is a codex that will imitated, but never exceeded.


The foundation of the constitution is the revelation that the authority to govern, to make laws, impose taxes, and determine the fate of the nation resides in the people themselves. Since a nation is comprised of many, no single individual, or group of such may impose their will upon the majority, but compromises must be made, and in this we find our greatest strength. It is this principle that guides us to greatness, and spares us the poverty, disease, and warfare that the citizens of totalitarian regimes must suffer under.


It is a mistake, however, to believe that just because a nation has a constitution, and names itself a democracy, that it in any way reflects the government described by our own constitution, which by its very form describes government by its limits, rather than by the rights of those who govern. So why are we, the 99 percent, we the people denied our rights so clearly outlined in our constitution? If it seems to you that your constitutionally guaranteed rights are denied to you every day of your lives, if it seems to you that the prosperity that you are guaranteed by a limited, rather than empowered government are being usurped by a ridiculously few people, if it seems to you that the legacy of our constitution is being given to anyone but you, why you have every right to think so. You are correct if you believe our government has been bought. Your voice, my voice, the voices of practically all Americans have been silenced it the polls, silenced in the state house, silenced in the courts, and they have damn well been silenced in the White House. Hello! Mr. President! Can you hear me? Hell no you can’t. But if I were say Charles, David, or Bill Koch I bet you could hear me then!
If you would gaze into our futures, look south. See your kids trying to sneak into Canada because there is nothing here for them. See a place where justice is only for those with the money to buy it. Money has made a mockery of our system of government, and condemned us to live in a nation where the act of participating in government makes us corrupt. I just now googled how much does a congressional house seat cost in Texas, and the answer, right there on the page in the top three browser search results was 1.6 million dollars. I guess I should check Amazon and EBay before reporting these results, but they’ll do just fine in illustrating my point.


When we next visit this notion of sovereign authority, a thing we must do again before proceeding to Article I Section I of the constitution, we will examine how this happened, and where the path back to the real America lies.

Bill the Butcher
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