As one tool in a strategy to stem the massive flow of terrorists, drug cartels, foreign criminals and illegals from disrespecting American sovereignty and flowing across the southern border the Trump Administration has engaged upon a fortifications project of building a defensive wall along the United States southern border with Mexico.

Of course, those who directly benefit from open borders, weak American sovereignty, various degrees of lawlessness and cultural and political ties to Latin America rail out threats against the wall, which include tenuous historical references, claims and public comments designed to mislead the people.

For example, the spurious claim opponents of the wall often reference by stating, “historically walls don’t work”. Such a claim is not only intuitively falsified but historically inaccurate and designed to deceive. Consider, the biased inaccurate representations of former Mexican president Vicente Fox, “that walls don’t work”. Of course, Fox calls Trump a “liar”, but Fox was the “falsifier”, lying about the drug trade and the historical effectiveness, rather than ineffectiveness of walls.

Mr. Fox own interest is an American open border for Latin American profiteering, exploitation, opportunism against the United States and American citizens. It is well-documented that many regions of Mexico have lost its sovereignty to drug cartels, drug and sex trafficking and lawlessness. Now, many Latin American politicians, American politicians, and illegal residences have ties to Mexico and other Latin American nations and are placing foreign interests over the interests of the United States.

Notice, in the interview indicated above, former Mexican president Vicente Fox is blatantly denying the stark reality of the Mexican drug cartels and drug trafficking over the open borders with the United States. Thereafter, Fox attempts to place the blame for Mexican drug trafficking squarely on American citizens by citing American demand for the illicit, illegal and destructive drugs.

No doubt, United States citizens demand for illegal contraband must be eliminated, rather than satiated. This will take more educational, counseling, drug awareness, drug rehabilitation, drug addiction programs, which is more widely available through cost-effective insurance programs and local, state and national programs.
America must focus on her citizen’s demand for drugs and America must be committed to spending public funds to create, grow and facilitate these programs. The libertarian ideology of social Darwinism, in regards, to drug use and addiction must be permanently discredited and America must promote the “General Welfare” of all her citizens, including the victims of drug use and addiction. Those members of Congress that promote liberalism and social Darwinism, in relationship, to drug addiction, must be voted out of office and permanently discredited for placing economic interests over the welfare of citizens of the American Republic. These arrogant social Darwinists live well, while American youths victimized by Latin American drug and sex trafficking and members of Congress embracing the pernicious doctrine of social Darwinism through libertarian tenets destroy the promise and character of America.

American demand for illegal and destructive drugs is only one side of the equation. The other side of the formula is to deny access to suppliers, profiteers and drug and sex merchants. An extremely effective tool will be a wall. A wall will help the United States to exercise sovereignty over American borders. Historically, despite Mr. Fox and his disciples claim, walls have historically been extremely effective tools in militarized strategies to secure sovereignty, control and the integrity of borders between foreign powers and marauding invaders.

It is important to understand that the United States has been invaded by foreign powers often utilizing domestic propaganda to achieve their nefarious and subtle destructive means. For instance, who can doubt that the machiavellian schemes of drug cartels are not an exercise of foreign powers to blatantly, openly and aggressively disrespect and disregard the sovereignty of the United States to peddle drugs for profit on Americans, especially, American youth?
Moreover, who can doubt, the HB1 visa abuse, by high tech corporations and other American corporate business interests have morally in a criminal sense robbed Americans, especially American youth of their American inheritance by the denial for profit of job opportunities for Americans first. Therefore, this author asserts, that disloyal and profiteering companies are also complicit with drug cartels, corrupt politicians and congressional social darwinism in the rising American drug crisis.These corporations can expend monies to educate, train, and hire Americans. The corporate excuses for globalism must no longer be tolerated. Patriotism and the American ideal of the public welfare, citizenship, and the greater public good must be reestablished as core American values.

Hence, returning to former Mexican President Vicente Fox’s false assertion that “walls do not work”. An example illustrative from historical precedent which majestically rebuts Fox’s claim is Hadrian’s Wall. Hadrian ordered the Wall be built along the border of England and Scotland to serve as one tool to keep marauding, hostile and invading Picts from flooding into Roman Britain. Hadrian’s Wall was very successful and secured the peace, safety, and commerce of northern Britain for hundreds of years. Hadrian’s Wall was a wonderful accomplishment of Roman organization, engineering, military order to secure peace, safety, and commerce.

In addition, to the peace and sovereignty Hadrian’s Wall secured over the Roman border with the unruly Picts, the wall was ideal for the development of commerce, urbanization of the border, creation and growth of township and cities, new and innovating technology beneficial to Roman citizens.

Hadrian’s Wall helped the Roman State maintain her sovereignty over northern England and allowed for the Roman sovereign to secure the Roman peace. This literally meant an increase in prosperity, commerce, and innovation. Incidentally, Hadrian’s Wall also secured greater prosperity and legitimate commerce to the Picts. Instead, of invading Roman England, marauding and pillaging legitimate trade began to be established by the two distinct peoples. This provided a sense of decorum and order and developed, increased and encouraged the prosperity of both Roman and Pict.

The relevant historical inquiry is despite all her faults was Roman Britain culture worth preserving by employing Hadrian’s Wall, among other militarized and policing techniques to preserve Roman sovereignty? The modern inquiry is similar, in that, a reasonable inquiry is United States sovereignty worth preserving, in order, to protect, preserve and maintain American sovereignty from marauding Islamic terrorism, latin drug and sex trafficking cartels and other illicit, illegal, criminal activities disrespecting United States sovereignty?

The answer to those questions determines one’s political position regarding America’s Wall or Trump’s Wall. For instance, if one embraces Islamic jihadism, La Raza Aztlan precepts, or BLM the foreign invasion of the American Republic will bring down the hated United States, just as marauding tribes wished to bring down Roman power. However, if one believes in Manifest Destiny and the collaborating precept of American Exceptionalism, America’s Trump’s Wall is an essential tool, like the Roman Hadrian’s Wall in preserving, protecting and securing the American peace and heritage.

Hence, those who fear the American Wall implicitly reject American sovereignty, power, and culture. Those who support the American Wall, like the ancient Romans, embrace and support American sovereignty, peace, culture, heritage and security. The American Trump’s Wall will not only assist in securing the peace but in encouraging American and Mexican legitimate commerce and prosperity.

Written by Jeffrey E. Elliott Esq.