The Awesome Power of the Constitution



The Awesome Power
The U.S. Constitution

In sixty five years of life I have never seen our country poised so perilously close to the brink of destruction. Destruction not from outside the nation, but, as Abraham Lincoln warned, the inside. Between Citizens United, campaign mega donors, and a criminal disregard for maintaining our administrative functions, we have nearly lost our grasp on the legitimacy which allows us to empower our government with the proper authority to govern. I’m not talking about issues such as slashing taxes on the wealthy, or allowing loopholes in our tax system that actually pay corporations to move their manufacturing sites to third world countries. We stood still for that kind of theft, so we deserve the consequences. What I am referring to is actions and non actions like failing to appoint the third of three seats that make up the federal election commission. Hundreds of perfectly credible charges of election fraud have gone uninvestigated for decades, allowing glaringly egregious cases of out and out cheating for decades.


The Supreme Court has been allowed to exceed their constitutional authority in far too many instances without remark from congress. In the case of Bush v Gore Sandra Day O’Connor failed to recuse herself. Soon after her unseemly act, justice O’Connor resigned her seat under threats from senator Jeff Sessions and then attorney general Alberto Gonzales. There is the failure to maintain administrative structures such as the EPA, the departments of education, the interior, and on, and on, and on. What was a smoothly running government that protected and served American interests at home and abroad has been systematically neglected, and attacked until virtually no vestige of it remains. No wonder everyone hates our government; we actually do have taxation and regulation without the slightest representation. Of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t give honorable mention to the Telecommunications Act of 1996, which opened the door to the media services which had earned the trust of Americans to turn former news outlets into infotainment purveyors, or as I like to call them, open sewers of lies and pornography.


This vicious attack on what used to be worthy of the term the”fourth estate”, coupled with the destruction of our schools and teachers, has created a populace so uneducated and misinformed that we actually elected Donald Trump as our president. Like Ronald Reagan, president Trump is a fantastic celebrity, but not actually qualified to govern as president. Forget the trolls and the Facebook bullies, forget the superannuated schoolyard crybabies. Whatever else he is or is not, Donald Trump is not qualified to run the executive branch of the most powerful nation on earth, a fact that has become glaringly obvious in the last few weeks. The debate over whether or not to repeal Obamacare was, in fact, the Opening shots in a battle to strip away the coin value of being an American citizen. If the enemies of democracy had been allowed to wrest Obamacare from those citizens too weak to fend off the attack on them, if doctors and hospitals had taken the broadsides that were the inevitable result of what was being attempted, then make no mistake, Medicare and social security were in the crosshairs next.


Ordinarily, in a country like, say Russia, this breakdown in leadership would result in the under qualified leader protecting his own interests by declaring himself president for life. Like, you know, Putin did. And the truth is Putin and the president are a lot alike. You will note, I am certain, that the President was adamantly bullying the senate to pass what I like to call the Uninsure Americans Now Act. So, it felt pretty dangerous for a while there. But then, enter the constitution. In the middle of what seemed to be the inevitable destruction of our rights of citizenship, the senate took control of their right to advise and consent, and now appears to have wrested the wheel from the president’s hand, and is now guiding us away from the edge of the abyss. In real time ladies and gentlemen, the constitution is moving to protect our sovereignty. We are witness to no less than history, and it is breathtaking. Our enemies must by now know that we are invincible! Between our military, and our constitution, we are and will remain America!

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