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Ok, for those of you who have been scratching your heads, wondering what has happened to democracy in the USA,because what HAS happened to democracy in our nation is the cause of everything that ails us, from illegal immigration to abortion. So for those of you who are not aware of what is wrong under the hood, there is nothing like watching a problem occurring in real time. To hell with analysis of history. Listening to a bunch of biased forensic ideologists picking over photos of spilled milk. In Nevada, today, a state senate that has one more democrat than it does republican, the republicans, using a plan called “red state” (google that one up if you love our constitution) are performing a statewide recall of the single democrat who represents the thinnest of majorities in that state’s senate. There is no reason presented for the recall, and no call from the state’s citizenry to recall her; just a plan by the republicans to flip the house. They will use as much of the over five billion dollars stockpiled by Bill, David, and Allen Koch to defeat her in a statewide recall. Remember, a recall is statewide, while state senate seats are basically by districts of constituency. This money, this ugly hoard put together by the seventeen richest families in America, and the red state plan are the cause of what is wrong with our democracy.


There is not a single politician in the USA that doesn’t understand that money equals election. It’s why the will of the people has been silenced. We, the legitimate source of authority have been gagged by wads of cash too large for us to combat should we have the will to fight shoulder to shoulder against it. Now, there will be those who will dredge George Soros up and say, what about him? Forget about it, I’m doing that myself right now. See, it makes my point. When Soros weighs in with his big money, when unions weigh in with their big money (or used to anyway), it cancels out the idea of democracy. People with special interests that are not compatible with representation of the otherwise majority of citizens seeking representation should not be allowed to influence political leadership. Now, that should be clear enough. It’s like when a couple of weeks ago the senate and the president sought to turn back the will of the people, all seemed to be lost; but then, in full view of us, the constitution moved, and just as the founding fathers intended, provided leadership where no living proof of leadership was to be found. That old piece of parchment shouldered its way in and vindicated all who have given their lives and their courage to defend it on bloody battlefields all the world over.


So, if, like me you find these times to be fraught with historical implication, settle back and watch a different kind of constitutional battle fought in Nevada. Witness for yourself the will of an entire district of constituency stomped out by big money, and a plan that will end with the super rich lighting cigars with the scraps of our great constitution. For it is as Abraham Lincoln predicted: we are being destroyed, not from without, but from within.

Brother Theo

Clevenger & Witt


Bill the Butcher
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