Do You Remember?



Do you remember September 11 brothers and sisters? I know how hard it is to think about, but we have to face the distasteful truth of our own lives, so why should we flinch from the truth of our political reality? We were attacked by weaponized ideology trained, funded, and assisted by our own government on that day for reasons of financial gain and political power. I know it, you know it, and even those whose best interests are served by denying it publicly know it, and we know it deep down, in our guts. This sparked conflicts that resulted in cataclysmic destruction of whole nations in the Middle East. The end game, obvious to those who were morally capable of owning the fact that we allowed this to happen for purely ideological reasons is occurring right now. After all, the nation was tearing itself apart after watching W. steal an election in broad daylight (hanging chads my ass). So we let the bastards have their wars, because to kick up a fuss after the barn had been empty identified you as weak, un-American .

And when Obama came along, well, he went along, because what is integrity next to the historical significance of being the first black president? So that end game, known to those of us strong enough to understand that thieves were abroad by day and that no one was going to do anything, and that the fourth estate had been bought and destroyed in order to maintain public paralysis has always been to bring the radical Islamists here. Here to our own nation. A nation of sheep, ready for the slaughter.


Check out the rust belt which was created specifically for them to be housed as “refugees”. A people who hate us, and rightfully so! You think they’ll stop because of a few rallies, or because we elect hand grenades as leaders? Then you’re still blind. The answer is not inclusion, nor is it found in trying to stem the tide by persuading the very people who created this to change it. The answer is right under our noses. The real question is, do we have the will of our forebears, or will we simply follow the Judas goat to the slaughter.

Bill the Butcher
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