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Some of us have something in us that makes injustice and cruelty intolerable. In such people, the sight or knowledge of such acts as animal cruelty, slavery, child, or elder abuse, the oppression of those weaker than their oppressors evokes rage. Much of the time, laws exist which protect the oppressors from the retribution we would bring down on them, forcing us to choose between just action and prison; forcing our rage to smolder indefinitely, eating away at our inner peace, and causing us to question the motives, or even existence of a just God.


Seeing the images on fundraising efforts made by the ASPCA, or UNICEF can be gut wrenching, and debilitating to the soul, and such images arise out of the misuse of property. Of course there is a legitimate debate when it comes to control over property. An ancient and universal principle of social law, perhaps the foundation of all law, is that a person is entitled to the use of such property as they may attain to themselves, and hold. This principle, so important to our social existence is sacrosanct. This nation tore itself asunder in the middle of the 19th century, dealing us a wound that has never healed because persons in the south had the ancient right to protect their property, forcing Union troops to come and wrest that property from their dying hands.


Instead of reconciliation, we got reconstruction. Instead of assimilation, we got Jim Crow. The why of this is simple. Except for those whose core values asserted that people cannot, must not, be property, the hearts of Americans were unsettled by a group of people making war in order to convert personal property into something not owned by a person or persons specifically.


Over time, money has come to be the means by which (setting aside sentiment) property is valued. Additionally, we have created courts wherein property related actions may be rendered legal or illegal by means of pitting money interests against property interests. You may be aware of the BLM’s ( Bureau of Land Management) actions which vacate the water and property rights of ranchers and homeowners in favor of shale oil companies who need the water in order to frac on land owned by We The People. All this creates a tricky place in which we are now deciding whether or not people can be labeled as property.


Many of us believe that the laws of ownership are divided by a divine line; that line being best defined as another ancient principle which attests that an entity’s right to act ends at the tip of another entity’s nose. Therefore, you may own an animal, but you are responsible for it’s care and must not abuse it. You may own property, but you must maintain it in a way that prevents harm to your neighbors. But, as we are discovering, the principles of ownership are trumping, please excuse the pun, the principles of liberty in just about every court case in the land. In the senate, a bare knuckles brawl that went five bloody rounds determined that Americans will retain their rights to access healthcare regardless of their ability to pay. I’m not going to waste my time defending Obamacare, the foregoing is just a fact. Setting aside the our feelings about the ACA, it is also a fact that had it been repealed, we would have been in Germany circa 1941, where the Nazis just let there old and sick die. The real reason we had such a fight like this in the senate had nothing to do with conservative values. When have you seen such an effort made to turn back abortion? Protect our children? Preserve education, or for that matter protect any of our individual liberties or rights of citizenship?


Nope, that political bloodshed occurred because the 17 richest families in America had made not paying for the healthcare of the poor their highest priority. Don’t believe me? Just look at the stinking body recently discovered in Florida (see my Facebook post on children being booted off CMS intentionally). Last week I posted about how David Jernigan was misleading America from his Chair at Johns Hopkins University, a chair funded by Bloomberg, in an attempt to confuse us about the real causes of spiking opioids addiction and alcoholism. Now, we discover that thousands of kids with severe diabetes and other life threatening and painful conditions were moved from CMS Medicaid, to a cheaper form of Medicaid that doesn’t provide adequate coverage for humane or even life preserving care.


This was accomplished by using a survey with some trick questions in it developed at Johns Hopkins University in a department funded by, wait for it, Bloomberg! For those of you unfamiliar with Bloomberg’s rise, his net worth went from 4 billion dollars at the beginning of his first term as mayor to 20 billion dollars at the end of his third term, his current net worth is 54 billion dollars, so, yeah, he knows how to combine politics with getting richer, and paying for the healthcare of poor Americans is not on his list of methods to increase wealth.


All of which brings us back to the ancient principle of holding one’s property. It is, after all it is Bloomberg’s 54 thousand million dollars (another way to say 54 billion). And, according to ancient rites, he is entitled to use it any way he chooses, and to the defense of it, including violence or trickery. So here we are at the heart of it. These ain’t ancient times, and this isn’t Somalia. We are Americans, and we have laws which protect all of our citizens, and provide a coin value to that privilege. Granted, we have managed to let the Bloombergs of the world buy enough political clout to demolish the laws developed by the Roosevelt cousins, and we are now hard at work to tear down what LBJ did, so we have the problem squarely in our gun sights. The real question therefore is, what’s next? There is no political solution, the rich pick our leaders. Our constitutional right to confer legitimacy is beyond our reach, making the constitution at risk.


Violence is out. So what to do? I see a path forward so clear that I cannot believe it is unseen by all. But that is another article or two. God Be with you dear readers, and may the wind be always at our backs.

Bill the Butcher
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