The Unmoved Mover

The Unmoved Mover

The Unmoved Mover

The origin of morality, the universe, the species, and just about everything else sparks debates that have no answers, and no end. The unmoved mover, which in its Ancient Greek origins reads κινούμενος κινεῖ, is a perfectly logical assumption that the universe, and all that we know simply had to be put into motion by some force not subject to the laws of said universe which simply must obey the laws of physics put upon it by the mover. This evolved from reason, and indeed not a trivial amount of common sense.

Scientists and physicists call it the Big Bang, religious call it God, but you simply must agree that at some point the universe was not here, and now it is. That is the simple part. The difficult part is trying to imply that a bunch of naked apes, such as we are, can have the audacity to propose that we can understand this entity, write authoritative books on the subject, and then enforce our ideas on the other members of society because we, and only we have the “Truth!”

The same logic that applies to the understanding of what we can reason must have happened “In The Beginning” applies equally with what we know simply cannot occur if you take it logically. I know that the universe came to be simply because I’m sitting in it right now drinking a cup of coffee, and smoking a very politically incorrect cigarette. Likewise, my experience and common sense tells me that no teenage boy found approximately eighty-eight pounds of gold in the form of a book, took them and deciphered them from some ancient language by peering through a peep stone or crushing his face into a hat, which ever version you subscribe to, it matters very little. Such an event defies logic. I will be told that these things are beyond logic and we can never understand them, but I ask you, why would an omnipotent creative force go through all the trouble to create a universe, set up the physics by which it operates, wait eons, and then proceed to scrap those principles willy nilly like an out of control child who changes, or ignores the rules of a basketball game simply because the results of the game no longer please him?

This Gnostic inclination that flows throughout the religious world enforces the same logic I cited above when it tells me that a merchant in the Middle East saw an angel when common sense requires nothing more in that cave except bats, yet there again the arrogance of the race comes into play and tells him he must remove parts of little girls’ anatomy lest they should indulge in exactly what those parts were designed for at some later date, excluding a rape perpetrated by some insightful religious leader who was told to partake of the goods of the body by the Unmoved Mover!

This understanding, or misunderstanding of the forces defining the Unmoved Mover run through all religion. The Mover created man, man created religion, and religion is man’s feeble attempt to explain the unexplainable. There will never be a consensus. It’s all bipartisan with absolutely nothing to do with observable facts. Only one factor enters into the fray that throws itself like a cosmic monkey wrench into the well oiled gears of the denominations plying for world domination, and that one thing is Jesus!

Jesus brought everything down to a level that while not explaining how it all fits together does tell us why. Treat others as you’d like to be treated. By judging others you judge yourself because the laws put into place by the Unmoved Mover apply to all equally no matter how many golden plates or bats you may find. When you give forgiveness it configures you to accept forgiveness, and no matter how hard you work at it you will never be able to do it all right because you are under the impulse of the original creation, good and bad! Jesus’ words were effective, simple, and direct. It was a good simple hamburger. Now we have MacDonalds with Whataburger right across the street. They all contain perhaps a pickle from Unmover In The Box

Where there is organized religion there is money, and money buys power. The Imams buy oil futures, and Mormon prophets buy stock in Coke. They both get around to deep concerns about little girls’ attire. The unmoved mover is very concerned about that, in fact it’s job one. We all look up at the same sky, ask the same questions and end up in the same place, and the world soon forgets us for indeed, we forget ourselves.


Bill the Butcher
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