The Kids are Alright


The kids are alright

The kids are alright. Education is the key. Just yesterday, I saw a video of two UT coeds trying to argue with the Infowars reporter. They were all about “black this” and “brown that,” and he asked, “What about the man who said that we should not be judged by the color of our skin, but by the content of our character? Do you remember who said that?” They looked confused and said, “No!”


College girlsCOLLEGE girls from the University of Texas! Right behind that was a little girl around ten or so who articulately put the reporter in his place. HER’S is the generation who will change the world, not the two airheads from UT!

Alex Jones


I would not know how to own a person. I couldn’t imagine relating to another human being on that level. I just can’t do it! Of course I see black, just like I see my granddaughter, Puck is a Jew. David Duke says she, and her people are what’s wrong with the world and should be eradicated. David is batshyt crazy!

Bill the Butcher

When I was growing up I often stayed with my uncle in Shreveport who was quite wealthy. He had a housekeeper named Kathleen. I was embarrassed by her constantly serving my meals, cleaning my clothes and room so as much as I  could I took  care of myself. My uncle explained to me that there was us and then there was them! I could never take that in! I continued to do what I always did and I was 16. Kathleen even brought her daughter to meet me. This could never blossom in Louisiana because it was against the law!

Until my grandkids went to school they’d never heard the word “Nigger!”
Since Killeen is majority black they began to hear nigga all over the school yard. The little kids would run up, give my kids a big hug and call them “my nigga!” Now, my ex was all disturbed by this. People of our generation know what the word implies, but the kids DON’T! They have spun an entirely different meaning and WE are going to die off.Children

The two college girls were poorly informed. The answer is EDUCATION, and part of that education is those statues, but like the Alamo, in their proper place with complete transparency of what they remind us of.

All the spin in the world won’t do away with the fact that an eleven year old girl handed InfoWars its face!

Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA, and the KKK don’t change anything but headlines for the Main Stream Media. The Kids Are Alright, and the Kids, ages seven to twelve will change things. We will take our experiences, hates, and prejudices to the grave, and the kids will cover it all up and go on. The Kids Are Alright!Girl


Bill the Butcher
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