The End of the World


End of the World

I shared a couple videos last night about this September 17th end of the world thing. I did that for a REASON! I turn 66 on September 11th, and I can’t count the number of these crackpot predictions I’ve seen. Global warming, earthquakes, wars to end all wars, asteroids, floods, and here come the hurricanes! I’m expecting another batch of religious nuts to swallow cyanid and lasso a comet!

People! To quote the Prophet, George Carlin, the planet’s fine. We’re messed up! Jesus is coming soon? I’m sure he is! Came to me in 1972. Another thing I watched last night was a documentary on the visions at Fatima in 1917. Three children claimed to have seen the Virgin Mary, who gave them three secrets, which they shared two with some, but kept one secret to themselves.

Two of the children died in the flu epidemic of 1918, but one, Lucia Santos, went on to become a nun, and when she fell ill in the 1940’s a local bishop convinced her to write the third secret down, which she did, and sealed it in an envelope.

Each Pope after that opened the envelope, read its content, and sealed it back up. Lucia, herself, said what she had written could not be revealed until after 1960, or after her death. Theories abounded as to what was in that envelope! Great firestorms destroying mankind, Armageddon, the end of the Catholic Church, the guesses were endless.

When the message was revealed the connection of all three secrets was so logical, at least to me. The first was the advent of World War 1. Mary said man was bringing it upon himself, and if we didn’t get it right, even though that war would end, another one would follow that would make the first look like a walk in the park. She warned that Russia was about to spread its lies all over the world, and many nations would fall until we prayed for the consecration of Russia, and it returned to God.

Well, those predictions were given to a ten year old little girl in 1917! They were quite clear, and Little Lucia knew nothing about politics, world events, or Wall Street! Yet, over the last century theologians, atheists, and more than a few TV evangelists have micro-analyzed the three predictions, especially the third, trying to squeeze Nostradamus in there somewhere.

Mary never told the children anything about the End of the World! She told them we needed to get it right or we’d have people like Hitler, Stalin, and yes Kim Un constantly rocking the boat. We bring these things upon ourselves! We slaughter the unborn, have unnatural relationships, worship money, make wars for a tank of gas, and when someone points that out, they are ridiculed, called a religious nut, or worse than that, some carnival barker comes out of nowhere screaming, “End of the World!” and laughs all the way to the bank! Happy September 17th everybody!

Bill the Butcher