Friend Sociopath


Friend Sociopath

My granddaughter, Karrie, is a psychopath, a condition completely missed by the Utah Child and Family services. I’ve decided to  expand and re-run this article to draw attention to the poorly trained CPS caseworkers who actually damage children like  Karrie.


1. a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience.

The loser of the election is NOT a sociopath. Let that thought sit for a while. When people hear the word, “sociopath,” they pee on the fire, and call in the dogs, but let’s examine friend sociopath. Sociopaths dominate history. Remember Caesar? “I came, I saw, I conquered.” No, he mauled his way through Germania, and Gaul on his way to the British Isles, turned, came back, mauled his way into Rome, went to the senate where they mauled HIM! I outta be a history teacher.

The Crusades? The Muslims just thought they were bad until all them Europeans who never had a bath in their lives showed up to show them what a broad sword was really for. Even Joan de Arc! “Oh, Wilbur, don’t go there!” Uh, that’s a real sword hanging from her belt, and the “voices” are telling her who to use it on! Cute chick though. Matter of fact, if you look at any, and all successful military campaigns in history you’ll find a guy, or gal sitting at or near the top of the food chain that’s just a tad bit self centered.

So why do we put up with these people. The answer is simple. They get things done which benefit society as a whole. The CEO who fires half the company to bring up the bottom line, which in the end helps the survivors. The general who ignores all common sense, and cuts a path across Europe because the OTHER sociopath in Berlin has to be stopped! The president who tears up the government because he knows the way the country is going will lead to ruin and his family will lose all their money! Yeah, I really said that. The shortest, most logical path to the goal is always the sociopathic mission statement.

Sociopaths are not “crazy” as you would think. Unlike psychopaths the KNOW right from wrong, they just don’t CARE! Personal success is the ultimate goal. The rising star in the company knows he can’t kill his rival, so he kills his rival’s reputation. He doesn’t take his opponent’s life, he takes his life AWAY! If he rises to the top, and becomes the CEO he’s the one who fires half the company, and gives everybody left a raise!

It’s plumb Biblical. Judges: 20:6 “And I took my concubine, and cut her to pieces, and sent her throughout the country of the inheritance of Israel… “ Gives the phrase “Get a little piece” a whole new perspective, doesn’t it? As a writer I would instruct the author on the boring nature of repeating “ands” but I’m fully aware this cat was a sociopath. The rule remains the same, the ultimate goal was achieved by carving up a girl friend.

I’m going to leave you with a test. There are two sisters. The mother dies, and at the funeral a well dressed young man expresses his sympathy, and they all exchange phone numbers. The young man never called. About a month later one sister kills the other. The question to you is why did she do that? Well, the most logical reason would be the sisters got into a jealous quarrel, and seeing that their mother had just died, with emotions running high, the argument over the young man got out of control. Involuntary manslaughter, or girlslaughter, whichever the case may be. Anyway, you’d be wrong, and by the way you’re normal. No, since the young man had not called, and the killer with her stated goal of starting a new life after the death of her mother, hoped he would show up at the NEXT funeral. Sort of like Hillary, don’t you think? Oh, by the way if you made choice number two, run for office.

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