How Can You Support The Confederate Flag?

Confederate Flag

Confederate FlagHow can you support the Confederate flag if it’s racist?

Slavery was a part of global culture, internationally and nationally, North and South. The first slave traders were black African chieftains selling off their captured prisoners to the white Europeans. Slavery STILL EXISTS TODAY in jungle and desert countries, not to mention worldwide sex trafficking, and there’s nary a Confederate Flag, a Nazi goose-step, or a burning cross to be seen or heard in these environments. Discrimination is a global phenomenon.

The British flag, from which sprang the American colony when we defected to this country from England on the Mayflower, subjugated every nationality it came into contact with. Think of the British infiltration into India, and how Britain decimated the Irish Gaelic culture. AMERICAN slave ships never flew the Confederate flag, they flew the US national flag. This is the same flag that fluttered as forebears killed off the Indians of the Plains, the Irish and the Chinese on the railroads, and in the 20th century, prejudiced against the blacks, the Jews, and the handicapped and feeble-minded. You don’t see these people whining needlessly for reparations years after the fact. They’ve acclimated themselves and adjusted to the change of the times. The Blacks, Indians, Chinese and Jewish people are oftentimes prosperous when given the means to succeed, and when the Government stops robbing the coffers of Social Security to cover their liars’ debts to undeserving foreign powers, we cripples might get that chance as well. For the moment, I’m not going to sit on my ass waiting for that day. I’d die of starvation.

Had history not happened as it did, all of the complaining demographics might still be in their countries of origin today, and some of them assuredly wouldn’t enjoy the freedoms of expression and prosperity which they have attained living in this Western culture. Don’t get uppity and bite the hand that feeds you. You’re only fueling the fires of discrimination that you continue to incessantly bemoan. You’re only continuing to pick off the scab of the problem and then throw more of a tantrum because you’re confused as to why the wound doesn’t heal. The rebel flag is not the issue of bony contention. YOU, the uneducated masses of the 21st century, are the only problem in this historical equation. I support the Confederate flag because all of history is full of imperfections, and I’m not going to be guilted into shame for one flag simply because a solitary group of offended persons wants to pitch a childish hissy-fit about it. If you advocate for historical decimation and obscurity in ANY WAY, you’re no better than the Islamic State, the Nazi fascist, or the Communist regime. You don’t deserve to breathe free air. You don’t deserve to be an American citizen.

Melissa Delph-Delance

Clevenger & Witt

Bill the Butcher
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