The Altar of Political Correctness

The Altar of Political Correctness

The Altar of Political Correctness

The victims in Las Vegas were sacrificed on the Altar of Political Correctness! It’s as simple as this: No matter where your morals come from, if you have no limits, society breaks down. Destroying the well understood sanctity  of marriage i.e. make a baby, and support it and the mother. Understanding the baby in the womb is a living bring. You are so shocked at the events in Las Vegas, but millions of the unborn being ripped apart for their body parts seems business as usual. All that happened is you had to actually SEE the sacrifice on the Altar of Political Correctness.

Allowing radical groups to curse law enforcement while men such as CJ Grisham are arrested for standing up for the constitution. Allowing religious orders from strange lands to challenge that constitution in the name of the very free speech they seek to destroy, and at the same time inhibiting the freedoms laid out in the Bill of Rights, discounting the value of women and minorities while tricking them into supporting the cause that will result in their very destruction in the name of a goat herder’s god!

The disintegration of our society has been the goal of the dredge of society all along. You wonder why the shots were fired in Las Vegas. Why not? No rules apply. How even conceive such a plan? In a world gone mad it makes perfect sense. The FBI actually has classes you can take online on how to survive an active shooter scenario. The nighttime host, Conan was shocked that his writers actually had a file of his responses after Sandy Hook, and Orlando! We’ve become Romans where the bread and circuses of the NFL was the lead story for days

People must have the comfort of knowing life is in order with reasonable expectations of raising their  children and the family going on after they’re gone. It doesn’t matter if you’re religious or atheist, Mormon or Methodist, we all want the same things.

Stop looking for reasons, false flags, theories or Illuminati hiding behind every bush. Look at yourselves. WE put that man in the window when we looked away for years while the law of our CHRISTIAN land was stomped, and our flag burned.

We must all support our president and his agenda to Make America Great Again. It is not going to be easy. We have behaved as children, and no child likes a whopping. Pull your pants down, and bend over. It’ll only hurt for a little while, and it won’t hurt as bad as taking a bullet while listening to a concert.

Wanna see how crazy it’s got? A LAWYER with CBS actually said the victims got what was coming to them because they were most likely Republicans. In Las Vegas that crowd was black, white, gay, straight, Democrats and Republicans. All sacrificed on the altar of political correctness. Blood on the hands of the NRA? No! Blood on OUR hands. Now let’s put on our big boy (and big girl) pants and get the job done!

Bill the Butcher
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