Sensible Gun Laws

Sensible Gun Laws

Sensible Gun Laws

Sensible Gun Laws. Folks, that is what you call an oxymoron. Kinda like saying, “Please pass me the piano.” America is not Britain. America is not Australia. America is America. The history of the founding, and development of the United States is unique and unlike any other. Everyone came here after a long boat ride, be it Mayflower or slave ship, but we are in the same boat now. And we brought guns! Even the pious pilgrims, just looking for a place to pray, had to set their blunderbusses down first before bowing their heads. Even Porter Rockwell put down his Book of Mormon, and picked up his Dragoons as the final answer in most arguments. This is in direct contrast to the view from other countries as exemplified in this article.

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America was founded upon individual liberty. Back in the old country the king owned all the deer, and you dare not partake lest thou be drawn and quartered. Very little you could do because the king owned all the swords, too! The idea that each man is sovereign unto himself is a uniquely American idea. When you are sovereign unto yourself it only goes to follow that you must maintain that sovereignty, and you simply cannot do that with words alone, there must be a reckoning upon interlopers.

Special thanks to CJ Grisham of Open Carry Texas for clearing snowflakes minds on this subject.

There are those on the left who point out that carrying a gun would have been in little use that terrible night in Las Vegas, but if the crowd had been the Second Armored Division from Fort Hood, they too would have sustained casualties from a well positioned sniper firing down at them from a concealed position. It’s amazing how much SnowFlakes THINK they know about tactical response. Millennials simply never lived through Vietnam, the Gulf War, and they only read about 911 in a history book IF the school taught history instead of Understanding Trans-sexuality! That is the paradox of ANTIFA. Gun toting hippies. Go figure.Girl shooting gun

It is insane to propose that the solution to gun violence is to take the guns away from the law abiding population so it can’t defend itself from the criminals who have, and always will have guns! The police are there to serve and protect. If they are standing next to you in a crises there is a slim chance they’ll protect you IF the gun is pointed at them, also, but most times they’ll just serve you with that little piece of chalk they carry around in their pocket, or string yellow tape for the edification of CNN. Yellow tape is always a good thing. It says, POLICE LINE. DO NOT CROSS! It should say, ONCE AGAIN, A DAY LATE AND A DOLLAR SHORT!

There are those who shouldn’t be allowed to have guns. The guy in a straight jacket, foaming at the mouth, and trying to bite the noses off all the nurses and interns probably shouldn’t have a gun. A police officer, of course, should, but what about the well heeled, retired accountant, who owns multiple homes, and never got a parking ticket? “Well,” says the left, “that’s why background checks are of no value!” The solution? Deprive the entire population of any means of self defense. That’s like killing all the dogs in the country because some kid gets mauled by a Pit Bull in Marietta, California! Verily verily I say unto Thee, all the gun control in the world would not have stopped that millionaire perched on the thirty-second floor in Vegas from acquiring his weapon (s) of choice!

It is virtually impossible to sanitize America of all guns. The left points to the Australia experience. Yesterday I read and article claiming that gun violence there is down as much as fifty percent. It is! The people can no longer shoot back at the thugs kicking in their doors. Makes as much sense as the old time unarmed Bobbies of London. “Stop! Or I’ll say, ‘Stop’again!” Never believe statistics in an article. Vet them. I can prove statistically that I’m the sexiest man in Texas, but my divorce records down at the courthouse will put the lie to that quite readily.

America is not like all those other places. It was formed differently, thinks differently, and solves problems differently. It was won by the gun, stands by the gun, and lives by the gun no matter how many “touchy-geeky” girly men wander the streets trying to decide which restroom to use! America is America! Gun Control and sensible gun laws are an oxymoron. Oh, and by the way, just so you know, America ain’t Texas either! <Wink>

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