One Of Those Weeks

Flag sign in Utah


It’s been One Of Those Weeks. The dominant story being the Vegas shooting almost overshadowing the unrelenting liberal attack on God, country, and mom’s apple Flag sign in Utahpie. Conspiracy theories are flying out of Las Vegas like bats out of hell, but as the week wore on it became apparent that not all the theorists are wearing tin foil hats. With more holes in the official police version  than the venue below the hotel, a lot of inquiring minds are asking serious questions.

The fake news bias was so bad one poor wounded man couldn’t even stand up in his hospital room to meet his president without drawing the ire of snowflakes from all quarters. Of course the fashion police in NewYork were very concerned about the first lady’s shoes. All this, and the increasing rumor the Michelle Obama is going to come out of the closet, and run for president. Oh, my bad! Bad choice of words.

Of course the democrats want to ban everything from an Uzi to a spit wad now. Thanks to Vegas we all know what a “Bump Stock” is. Until this week I would have thought that was referring to what a farm boy did to a sheep when no one was looking. The NRA fell silent, then came bumping back into the picture on the anti bump stock side. Dems, counting bullets, railed about automatic weapons while most didn’t know the difference between auto and full auto. They reasoned that fewer people would have been killed if the shooter didn’t have the infamous stock. I’d like to remind you that Charles Whitman used a deer rifle, and local people kept his head down with THEIR deer rifles. Makes you wonder what the liberals would consider an acceptable body count to be? Unborn doesn’t seem to bother them

As we go into next week, hopefully we’ll get some clear answers. The FBI, local law enforcement and ATF are on the job, just like they were at 911 and Waco, so I’m confident we’re in good hands. About the only thing good that came out of all this was the North Korean issue got put on the back burner. Back burner? Shucks! They put “Won Hung Lo” on the slow smoker out in the back yard! See y’all on the flip side.


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