Well, the WingNuts is a flyin! The LasVegas PD is revising the time line for the mass shooting. Originally it was believed the shooter abated upon the involvement of a security guard he observed coming down the hall via the camera he’d set up on a service cart, not observed by any personnel during WingNutsthe entire time rounds were popping off. Now they claim the the guard was actually the first shot, and hung around the passage trying to decide if he should file a complaint with the front desk or not. Talk about what happens in Vegas staying in Vegas! It would be like the Kennedy motorcade proceeding on to the Trade Mart after the assassination.

Conspiracy theorists love what they call “false flags.” Everything’s a false flag. There are more flags flying than on top of a circus tent filled with clowns. This event is falling under two categories. The shooter was ISIS and they actually did the shooting or he was CIA and THEY did the shooting. Of course either or shot Paddock making him the fall guy.

Then there was this video put out explaining how EVERYTHING is a false flag. Details about how all 22,000 concert goers were hired “crises actors,” and no one was actually killed. Now, I’m just a Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin, but did I miss something here? I’m getting notices every five minutes from Alex Jones as he finds yet another reptilian shooter on whatever grassy knoll Las Vegas has to afford.

This won’t get any better folks. It’s just getting started. Amazing no security cameras caught a thing. I mean a high end hotel in Vegas with cameras set up to see if you’re counting cards with you eyes totally missed everything! If you believe that have I got a bridge for you, and it’s on sale! Flying saucers? Flying WingNuts! Only took a week before claims of no bodies surfaced. As you remember there weren’t any bodies at Sandy Hook either. Must’ve been taken by aliens to Area 51.

We will all be dead of old age before this is resolved. No, I take that back. They’re still saying weird things about Lincoln’s death. Personally, I think John Wilkes Booth and Mary Todd Lincoln were having an affair! Where do you think Billy the Kid came from? There’s no real evidence of his birth and that’s NOT him in that grave in New Mexico! It’s true, it’s true! I saw it on TV!

Bill the Butcher
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