To Kneel or Not To Kneel

Kneel or not

To kneel, or not to kneel, that is the question. Weather it is nobler to take a political stance or just play a game for the people who pay you millions of dollars to work on Monday night! When the NFL Kneel or notdecided to fall to its knees it took a massacre the size of Custer’s last stand to bump it off the front page, and even then the ratings didn’t hold and we switched back to the end zone again.

On the surface there’s really nothing wrong with it, but it seems that Twitter Power takes on a life of its own. The west coast burning down, no problem. One Hung Low lights the fuse on another bottle rocket. Forget about it. People in Houston going to work in a scuba suit, stylish. Some overpaid ignoramus assumes a Miley Cyrus pose! Stop the presses!

When did football replace baseball as the national sport in the first place. Where’s basketball in all this mess, shucks, where’s chess? The NFL has held the national eye for far too long. The freaking Beverly Hillbillies only had eight seasons. Football developed a cult following way back. I only watched the Cowboys. Well, to be honest I was really watching the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. Guess they were lucky Harvey Weinstein wasn’t the coach there.

Oh, and there’s another thing. Some Hollywood fat cat turns out to be a perv and everybody’s butt falls off. That’s why people go to California people. A state where a tiger can marry a chair. Ever hear of the “producer’s couch?” Producer’s love couch for say, Shirley Temple. Bill Clinton hasn’t chimed in on that one yet. Guess the cell service on Ecstasy Island is down. Chelsea is quiet too, but she’s running a beauty contest with Ivanka.

In spite of all this President Trump is Tweeting away and the Main Stream Media still doesn’t get it. Their whole put togethers is being discombobberlated by a guy with a cell phone. George Soros is having to run to the bank everyday just to shove enough money up their butts to try and shoot down a Twitter Post. Am I the only one who sees this. To kneel, or not to kneel, that’s not the question. The question is why isn’t the beer sold in the stands colder, and served in bigger cups?

Bill the Butcher
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