The Las Vegas Shooting Was Fast And Furious Gone Bad


The Las Vegas shooting was Fast and Furious gone bad. Sometimes the simplest solution is the one that works best. The thing that separates the sheep from the conspiracy theory goats is almost always simplicity. So Las Vegasit is with Mr. Paddock. The methods the government uses to “serve and protect” are suspect at best. The FBI, CIA and all the rest look out for us, but job one is to look out for the “company.” I’m going to give you a scenario that follows the simple path of a well laid, but devious plan going exactly wrong. The Feds consistently believe they can best serve the public interest by being more criminal than the criminals they’re supposedly protecting us from. You will want proof, I can’t show you. On this one you must use Sherlock Holmes method of deduction. When you dismiss the impossible, that which remains, however improbable, must be the truth.

Paddock was an enigma. He was also a created illusion. A man who had worked with the IRS, successful real estate investor, who had few friends and hung out in casinos and high end hotels like James Bond. A nondescript man who ran around in sweats and flip flops and rarely went home. A person who seemed to have a novice interest in guns, lots of guns, unfired guns. The crime scene was littered with them. Oh, that and one service revolver on the floor way behind his body. He was “old school” I guess.

A history of the purchase of many guns stretching back over a year produced far more weapons than was found at Mandalay Bay. Remember Fast and Furious? You know, that brilliant plan hatched by the government where they would give guns to the cartels to see if they’d shoot them? Yeah, that one. You don’t think Washington’s finest would scrap a good plan like that, do you? Why heck no! It morphed. Doing right ain’t got no end when you have ANTIFA, ISIS, and Black Lives Matter bellying up to the bar. So, enter Stephen Paddock!

The cover was so simple. Elderly man, rich, hangs out at casinos, keeps to himself, but has a boat load of guns. On this occasion he shows up, checks in his room, and hits the casino. Oh, his room has more machine guns than Seal Team Six, but what the heck, there’s the biggest gun show in the country coming up soon. My gosh, how could he have possibly gotten all those guns to his room, and no one noticed? He did that because the hotel was instructed to look the other way! This town was founded by the Mafia people, give me a break!

So, guns in the room, he sets up surveillance cameras to record the transaction, and then goes down to the casino to gamble away a few thousand if our tax dollars to complete the cover. But, you ask, why did he check out several other

Vegas Press Conference
Las Vegas sheriff stumbles through press conference reading straight from the official script. InfoWars

hotels the week or so he was in Vegas? Because he hadn’t been told where the meeting would take place. The location had nothing to do with the concert below. It could have just as easily been business as usual on the Vegas strip.

Around tenish he goes back to his suite. The suite with the two Pepsis and enough food for more than one person. Uh, the other person was the go between who when Paddock went to gamble, went to fetch the

We’re adding updates as we get them, even some that don’t totally agree with our position. Our handlers have gone to far this time and too many eyes are on the show. This time, what happens in Vegas won’t stay in Vegas.

buyers. Only one thing went wrong. Stephen Paddock’s cover had been blown. At the onset of the meeting Mr. Paddock was killed, and whomEVER the buyers were simply did what they were planning to do with the guns, only they did it right THERE!

What’s the Fed to do? Their operative is as dead as a ham sandwich, people below are running around like chickens with their heads blown off and cameras are EVERYWHERE. Why you tell the SWAT team to hang out in the hall and have a smoke while the talk into their sleeves about damage control. Then, they blow open the door, take all kinds of pictures, and cover their butts like a bunch of Apaches at a rain dance! Still looking for motives to show their man of the hour was a lone nut!The Las Vegas Shooting was Fast and Furious gone bad! Sometimes the simplest solution is the one that works best.

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