The Trump Card


The Trump Card is something libtards simply do not understand. In an ObamaWorld gone mad, the introduction of a Joker in the deck is beyond their cavalier conception of the The Trump Cardway things ought to be. After trying to work with a congress teaming with democrats and RINOs, Donald Trump put Obama’s legacy to rest with one stroke of the pen. In a flash all the homeboys doing pushups down at the SNAP office couldn’t get free dope no more. Bet you ain’t mad!

The Washington system is designed not to work. After taking days examining the wording on a bill, then IF it passes, it’ll be guaranteed that it won’t look anything like it did when it was introduced on the floor. When ObamaCare came to the floor the wisdom of the day was they had to pass it because it was fully understood that if they took time to read it they just might have to do a forty hour week, maybe even take it home and burn the midnight oil, home not being among the people who sent them to Washington, rather that place in Palm Springs with their girlfriend. Palm Springs gets excellent representation.

Contrast that with a brick and mortar real estate broker who thinks in terms of “closing,” When you’re building something, closing is the end game. You start with a blue print, sign the contract, hire a bunch of Mexicans to pour concrete, and race for the land exchange. No long winded explanations, no tags on the deal about who pees where, and common sense math. Oh, and you certainly read and understand the paperwork BEFORE the first nail is driven. Congress don’t get that.

Even the dyed in blue DemTards are growing weary of seeing some man or woman, or whatEVER get on CNN telling them they’re filing articles of impeachment because the First Lady wore Stilettos on her way to Houston. Slowly, but surely the Trump Train is picking up steam. The president was right. Winning feels good. He has bitch-slapped One Hung Low over in North Korea so many times I’m amazed Kim isn’t wearing a nightgown. Do you see World War III yet? Of course you don’t! Now the loyal opposition is reaching way down in the Harvey Weinstein barrel because they just know The Donald has gotta be in there somewhere. Sorry California, hurricane “Harvey” just blew that silly Hollywood sign off that hill, and you’re gonna have to make movies parents can take their kids to or Austin WILL.

Brick upon brick Donald Trump is building his walls. The one on the border, and the one around a congress that has been ineffective since the first shot rang out in Dealey Plaza, ending the life of the last real Democratic President. Well, at least in spirit, he’s back, and he came in like a wrecking ball. Kinda symbolic, don’t you think. Real estate broker, wrecking ball. A Casino owner, deck of cards, and mostly a beautiful Trump Card!

Bill the Butcher