The Redheaded Stepchild


Donald Trump is the Liberal Left’s Redheaded Stepchild. Shades of shooters on the grassy knoll! President Trump can’t do anything right. If he stooped over to tie his shoe the WingNuts would go viral claiming that he was fashioning a noose to hang Al Sharpton. Wait, that’s not a bad idea, but I digress.

The President called the widow of a fallen soldier, and during the conversation he said something to the effect of the young man knew what he signed up for. So, the Fake Fallen HeroNews Service took that line and ran with it like Colin Kaepernick with a football, well not exactly that, he’s not running any footballs these days, and he needs to know I don’t like tomatoes on my Big Mac.

My son is a retired Master Chief from the Navy. I can’t count the times he’s served our country in a state of war. When I voiced concern to him at a party one night he told me, “Dad, when your time is up it’s up. I’ve been in this man’s Navy for over twenty years, and I know what I signed up for!” During his tour, if the worse came to be, and Mr. Trump called me expressing condolences, I, not the President, would have said, “Thank you Mr. President, but my son was well aware of the perils of defending our nation, and he knew what he signed up for!”

No words can numb the pain of losing a spouse or child in war. It’s not like granny dying after a long bout with cancer. It’s sudden, hard, and irreconcilable. I’m not going to judge the words of the widow that have been spewed all over the internet. It will be years before she gets her mind around this, if she ever does, but you have to ask yourself; would these liberal attack dogs take a knee , and disrespect the flag draped over that young man’s coffin?

Then there’s the continuing story of the First Lady’s body double. The Redheaded Stepchild just got redder. This story has legs folks, I crappith Thee NOT! Seems the President gave a little planeside chat with the First Lady by his side, whom he Body Double?introduced. Mrs Trump apparently had a bad hair day, which the left picked up on immediately, temporarily diverting their attention from her shoes and breasts, claiming that a body double had been employed. We never walked on the moon, Elvis ain’t dead, you ain’t goin’ crazy, it’s all in your head!

The conspiracy nuts are going nuts on this one friends and neighbors. Everything from nose sizes to hairlines, even deducing the reason for the large sunglasses was that the President had beat her up the night before, and she was on her way to divorce court. These people just cannot accept that Hillary lost and Obama is a EXpresident. The unicorns be a flying. You can’t make this stuff up folks, but the good news is without the Muslim in charge in the White House we WILL be able to make America Great Again, we the people and our Red Headed Stepchild of a President!

Bill the Butcher